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Favorite spin-off pokemon games?

Favorite spin-off game?

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Favorite spin-off pokemon games?


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It really hurts not to give it to XD: Gale of Darkness for the sake of nostalgia, but it has to go to the first Mystery Dungeon for me. So many great memories playing it, and I was beyond pumped when the remake came out. The ending of the main story is also the first time I remember a video game straight up making me cry, so definitely a deep emotional connection there.

Also an honorable for Pokemon Ranger. Really wish they could have given it a remake as well, but I suppose they would also have to retool the capture mechanics big time.


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Prolly Shadows of Almia, tho as a kid i was never able to finish it cuz i got stuck not knowing what to do at a certain part.


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I really love Masters EX as someone who loves the human characters plus the soundtrack is phenomenal. Yeah it's a gacha but that's not enough to take away how much love and attention to detail has been. Pokken Tournament was a fun time back when it dropped and I hope everyday that we get a sequel. Battle Revolution was the centerpiece of many Friday nights with my childhood group of friends. Conquest is a underrated gem and wish they'd revist it with Gen 6+ Pokémon.


Ranger: Guardian Signs. It's one of the few games I'm playing at least once every year


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As an adult, my favorite aspect of Pokemon gameplay is the battle system so the 3D battle simulator series (Stadium 1 & 2, Colosseum, Battle Revolution) is my favorite spin-off series. It allows you to get straight to the battling without the RPG aspects and the enemy team composition actually have more thought put into it than "All my Pokemon are water types". The battle institution gimmicks from Battle Revolution were also really fun spins on the battle system.

Not to mention Colosseum & XD have my favorite stories (from a gameplay standpoint) out of all the Pokemon RPGs. The Cipher admins having their team gimmicks be centered around an aesthetic or gameplay mechanic instead of a type like gym leaders was really fun. Even the regular trainers had fun team compositions and were very varied due to no Regional Dex to limit the trainer rosters.
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Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs is my favorite, and it just feels like an underrated gem at this point.

I remember doing those past missions with my friend and getting some Deoxys from that event.