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Favorite Staple Pokemon?

Sorry, could only fit ten outta twelve. :(

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You'd get this if you hang out at either Smogon, the RMT forums, or the CRMT forums.

What are you favorite Pokemon in the Staple tier?

Mine is Metagross.
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Going with Salamence,


And my fav. Pokemon.

I have one in my NB team named after me :p


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lax for me.

Valkyrie X

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Salamence and Gyarados, but Salamence more. It looks bloody awesome, and it's an amazing sweeper.



Oddish plzkthnxbai
Can someone please fill me in on what a "Stapler" is? We all don't have the time to go to the mentioned forums and figure it out.

Evanji Axu

A "Staple", from what I've heard, is a Pokemon that's really good for competitive battling, and is thus rather over-used. They get a bad name from all those n00bs who like them. I don't go for them much. *huggles Mightyena, Typhlosion, and Swellow*
Skarmory, for sure. Never NetBattled, but I use Skarm on my Emerald, been training it for a week. It kicks butt, merely because nothing can get a really good hit on it, except an electric or fire. I love Snorlax, but it's not as useful in battle as the Skarm.
.:Ilex:. said:
Can someone please fill me in on what a "Stapler" is? We all don't have the time to go to the mentioned forums and figure it out.
In short: Pokémon that are the best at what they do as far as the Online Metagame is concerned. "Staple" probably refers to Must-Haves, as it's a term used in other games. Every Over Used Team uses at least one of those, pretty much...

And well... I never thought the "Metagame" would touch bottom as Yu-Gi-Oh did, and have its very own list of "Staples", but whatever...

Out of those, I like Salamence, Metagross and Snorlax. The rest sicken me to no end... :rolleyes:


Skarmory, Blissey, Salamence, and Tyranitar are the Pokemon off of the staples list that I use. Boah and CBmence I find quite useful, SkarmBliss not as much since there are so many counters.


Eh, ragazzo!
I vote Metagross because I just like him the most. Four Beldums combined to a highly intelligent rutherless spider-looking thing, you know that its awesome.

And he would really like some pie now.

BTW, what other two pokemon are you missing?


I mean Heracross, everywhere is like HORN WEAK! HORN WEAK!
that Megahorn + Guts is just awesome to what hera can do.

Speaking of Staples there is like alot more, every high OU is staple
things like Gengar, Regice, and Celebi are staple material too, heck
imo Celebi is used more than Bliss..
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Blissey, without a doubt. You can't kill it with Sp. Attacks, and only extremely powerful Phys. Attacks(Metaxplosion) can OHKO it. Durable, and can dish out a reasonable amount of damage with Ice Beam and Seismic Toss. Natural Cure to ensure that it won't ever suffer from Status effects, along with Aromatherapy for the rest of the team. Pretty much as close to broken as I've ever seen. I lol at the 'counters' to it, as well. Even Boah doesn't OHKO it, so Dusclops and Gar.....lol, pure lol. I enjoy slowly decimating them while they feebly try to Focus Punch me.

The others are all pretty cool, save for Skarmory(unlike Blissey, it can be OHKOed by its end of the Walling field, like CBHera Focus Punch), but Blissey has always been an excellent battler for me.

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I'm not really into all this competetive battling and whatnot, but Heracross is my favourite out of those mentioned. It looks awesome, has great typing, a fantastic movepool, and is alot more fun/interesting than the array of boring dragons and all that crap that pollutes the upper tiers.
I'm suprised to see that Gyarados is up there, what with it being so vunerable to electricity.
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