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Favorite starter

Favorite Starters

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mine would have to be kanto. The order from top (most) to bottom (least) is...
thats just my opinion. But the kantos are the greatest.


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Mine is :
Kanto because its original and they all look cute and blastoise was the first pokemon of mine that reached lv 100
johto because chikorita is my favorite pokemon
hoenn because of torchic and mudkip <3 !
sinnoh i didn't really like them but they're not so bad


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Kanto, I like them all especially Charmander and Bulbasaur.
Johto, Pretty much tied with Kanto, but Charmander just made Kanto better.
Hoenn, Torchic and Treecko.
Sinnoh, Turtwig, the others suck.

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Hoenn. All three are amazing.
Kanto. Meh-ish.
Johto. Pretty bad, but Totodile.
Sinnoh. Horrible.


Johto: They all look good and in the show, Chikorita and Totodile had interesting personalities. I don't remember much of Cyndaquil as a character.
Kanto: Originals and I love 'em but Johto starters rock my socks more.
Hoenn: Torchic is the only cute one but how it looks in the end as Blaziken...ew...Treeko and Mudkip are disgusting looking. Mudkip gets worse and worse as it evolves. Treeko looks decent as Sceptile but its not good looking.
Sinnoh: I like Turtwig and Torterra and Piplup is ok I guess. Sinnoh would be way ahead of Hoenn if it was just these 2 starters but Chimchar's family line sank them all the way down. Monkeys=disgusting, foul creatures that are worthless and do nothing but annoy and "uglify" this planet.


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Sinnoh's are my favorite. Turtwig is probably my favorite Grass Stater, just ahead of Bulbasaur. I never really liked Treecko (though Sceptile is cool) and I'm indifferent to Chikorita.

Chimchar's also pretty cool. I don't like it as much as it's evolved forms, and the same goes for Piplup. I like all of the other Fire and Water starters, though Mudkip and Charmander annoy me. Torchic's O.K., as is Cyndaquil and Squirtle. Totodile is simply awesome.

This post feels very disorganized.

In order of region:
Johto/Kanto (tied)

With the Turwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Totodile and Bulbasaur lines all having favorites of mine.


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I love the Johto starters, because I can never choose a favorite between them....
I also like the Kanto ones....and Mudkip.
Not a meme reference. I do like Mudkip.


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Lookit that! Ain't she a beaut'?
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