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Favorite stone to use in platinum???

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pokemon prof
Out of all the stones, new to the series, AND old, which is your favorite to use in platinum, and why??

I like the dusk stone personally, bc you can get a murkrow...
You can't get a Murkrow with a dusk stone...
Anyways my favorite stone is Fire stone I guess. Because Growlithe, my all time favorite Pokémon evolves with it. C:


Never Say Forever
I don't think I have a favorite. I use the stones when I need to use them and that's it. I liked how easy they were to get in D/P/P.


Lover of underrated characters
I liked the Thunder stone best. It lets me get Raichu


How would you get Vaporeon without a Water Stone? Either that or one of the specific Eevee stones, (moss and freezer or something).
For me its the water stone, just because of the amounts of evolutions it has; Poliwrath, Cloyster, Starmie, Vaporeon, Ludicolo, Simpour. And i like the first three pokemon :p


I'm back :3
Dusk stone and water stone
Dusk stone because of its looks and Water stone because i like water and the maaaany evos


~*~The Sky Tamer~*~
Shiny Stone!
This way I can get a Togekiss <3
~I love them :3


Be a Man!
I like the Leaf Stone. Just because it's used to evolve Grass Type Pokemon and Exeggcute, Wepinbelll and Gloom! <3
Specially Gloom, which evolves on something awesome!


Well-Known Member
I like Thunderstone so I can get my Jolteon. Don't know why, but of all the evee evolutions the one I use most often is Jolteon.


The light is coming
I like the shiny, dusk, and dawn stones. There's just something about newer stones that allures me to the concept.
I liked the Icy Stone.

It looked pretty.
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