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Favorite swarm shinies!

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Never lost a randbat
Probably Swinub. CBswine is one of my favorite physical attackers.

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No longer trading.
Absol,been chaining for it for days but no luck......
My team would be a lot better with it........
A tie between Absol and Beldum. They have nice colors ^^

But I need to get a Shiny Absol x.x


Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss
Probably Beldum its so awsome in silver


I'm back!
Buizel, Awsome colors, awsome pokémon :D


Spoink and Surskit for me. Snubbull, too. Hmm..all pokes that start with S.. Odd.


Shade of Blue
Probably Beldum. Shiny Metagross rules.

Mariku -- kitten

Toshiya lover<3
Definantly Dunsparce. My little Aizaki is an amazing creature<3


<-Newest Shiny!!!
The one chain I want to make succesful is Far'fetched. that was the swarm on my first day of chaining and I haven't had that swarm since. But I like Voltorbs best personally by looks, it's blue. It's one of the shinies most people will notice.


Paul's fan
my fav would be a shiny beldum becuase i was hunting beldums and came across a shiny! it was addy and had 31 in att and sp att iv's
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