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Favorite Teachers?


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I recall not too long ago, there was a "Mean Teachers" thread. What about the other side of the coin: teachers you've had that you liked.

I know it's been done, but not in a while.

My favorite teachers when I was a kid (K-12) were actually sisters. I had the elder sister for 6th grade science. She brought cupcakes. Her younger sister (10th grade math) was cooler, though. She brought Krispy Kremes (doughnuts and such, in case you don't have a Krispy Kreme in your country), let my friends and I work together (cheat) during class, and gave me a birthday present (it was a black die. I had a habit of rolling dice in class a lot then). She was awesome.

Since I've started Uni, I've had a few that I've loved to death. The first were this pair of old ladies that taught my Psychology class. The older one (Turner) was a lot more serious, and didn't let me get away with anything. It was also like pulling teeth to get her to let us have a break (the classes are 4 hours long, each). She was nice, though, as long as you didn't get on her bad side. She was the first woman in our state to get a Doctorate in Psychology, so that was pretty cool, too. Her hippie counterpart (True) was a lot cooler. She'd give us a break every 20 minutes (she was a smoker) and was a lot more lax with her teachings. I remember once, she was talking to us about something, then she just fell dead silent for SEVERAL minutes. Someone asked her what was going on and she replied: "...there was a cop-car out there, I was wondering what it was doing..." I think she was concerned about her stash. They both brought food to every single class--Turner brought home-cooked meals with enough for us all to have some and True brought candy.

Neither of them hold a candle to my "Kentucky History" professor, though. He was a trip. He'd swear like if he kept doing it, he'd win a prize. He is also one of the head Conservation Officers in the state. He would tell us all these insane stories about people he encounted while doing surveys. There was these people out in the sticks who thought that he (and the rest of the Conservation Department) were dropping RATTLESNAKES out of helicopters. Rattlesnakes. Out. Of. Helicopters. Another chap literally chased him around after he took a sample of some fish from one of the lakes. The guy called him and said "I know what you're doing with them fish!" like he was going to go turn them into bio-weapons. He also taught us how to spot the home of a meth-head. He said: "You c'n always tell if a damn meth-head lives there. There'll be all these vaccuum cleaners and washing machines and **** out in the yard all took apart. You see, they get ****ed up, take 'em apart, and when they come down, they can't remember how to put 'em back together!" He was full of stories for us. He brought pizza and wanted to bring beer.

So, what about you guys?
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One of my favorite teachers has got to be my Spanish teacher from last year. While she never really made anything for her classes, she was really nice, and she actually motivated me to learn Spanish and not want to transfer into Chinese (there's actually a pretty long story about that). As her TA this year, she's even more awesome because she basically lets me have the final say on what her current students' grades are. :)


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My sixth grade science teacher. He was the funniest guy you could ever have for a teacher. He would always start his lessons with some odd topic and find a way to incorporate them. And on top of that, he had a nickname for every one of his students. At the end of the year he said he was moving to Arizona as a prank, and he fooled everyone.
My Geometry teacher from a while ago was such a bro. I loved the way he taught students because it was honestly effective and it worked. I also really liked my AP English teacher from last year, mainly because she was witty, smart, confident, and extremely knowledgeable. I don't know, I just really like teachers who know what they are doing in class.


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My favorite teachers would have to be my Drama teacher Mrs.Douglas from senor of High School. And my other is my anger management teacher Mrs.Todd from sophomore year to senior year.

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I have two from my high school. Mr. Rios my history teacher and Mr. Owens my French Teacher. Both were fun and class was nver boring with the projects they would let us do ^_^


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My English teachers David and Linda from college. They liked my older brother three years before me so they liked me too. I wouldn't have got the best grades without their help, so thank you!

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I guess my Government teacher from high school is my favorite. I only had him for the first half of the semester before I went to Economics (where I had another awesome teacher), but he was really great. Very well-informed, and has a very strong, positive view of America. He's actually a Greek immigrant, but you wouldn't have known that unless you know your nationalities since he and his family changed their name when they came here when he was a boy. My favorite quote of his is, "If you don't like America, then get the hell out of this country."

I also suppose another favorite teacher of mine was from Cinema History. He's a retired Air Force sergeant (always let's us call him by his title), and because he was in the Air Force, he's lost some of his hearing. But there were times he would go on tangents about how we've been robbed of our education and show disdain for the corrupt government. It was awesome.


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I always liked my history teachers, in high school and college.

Also my public speaking teacher in college was hot. She was only a few years younger than the students, having graduated only a few years ago.


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I do not really like any of my teachers, but my favourite must be my Religion teacher


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The Irish teacher I had last year was fantastic. I don't think I'll ever have one as excellent as she was. It's a shame I won't have her again, especially since the next two years are far more important than the past three were. At least she said that I can come to her for her notes.
I had one in 9th grade, he taught General Science. Man he was so funny. "The best part about being a teacher is like being paid to still go to school, summer breaks included". If he saw us not paying attention, he'd chuck the closest item near him at you. Other than that, he was really well-respected around the school too. He was also the Varsity Baseball Coach. Pretty awesome guy.
My teachers from hair dressing school, because they were more obnoxious and childish than the students.

And also my Record Keeping teacher from my senior year. Every day he would go off in random stories about his life that took 95% of the class. And when I would sleep in class, he'd be like "Oh it's fine, I understand, it's pretty hot and stuffy in here and people get tired. I'll open a window," and I'd be like "Exactly! o:"


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My favourite teacher never technically taught me, except for one lesson when he was a supply teacher for the lesson. But here in the UK we have year tutors/head of years who basically look after the year group or grade and help them with personal issues, etc. He was my year tutor from years 8-11. And it seems that every year he helped me out. In year 8, my mum bought me a brand new school coat, and the next day I lost it. She was furious and she rang him up demanding the coat was found. So every morning for a week, me and my year tutor searched the yard and classrooms when they were empty, turned out I left it round my friends house. Then in year 9, I was bullied, I stopped going to school and I just felt generally low, he noticed this and one day when I was off school because I didn't want to go in, he rang my house and I answered, he knew I wasn't ill and wanted to know what was wrong, I told him, he reassured me everything would be fine and he really wants to see me in school the next day, so the next day, the bullies had been suspended, and he was right, everything was fine, from that point, I realized I wanted to be like him, he inspired me to become a teacher. The next time he helped me out was in year 10, I had been stabbed in the arm by one of the reckless lads in my school, it was an accident though, he calmed me down and took me to hospital. And then in year 11, I teamed up with him to make the yearbook. Also, this was our last year with him as a year tutor, he really wanted to be our year tutor, but the school managemet didn't want him to be our year tutor any more because of such the huge problems we caused and they believed he was too lenient on us, which he wasn't at all. The year group werent aware of this though and on our last day, which at the time we weren't aware of, we were told that it was our last day of school, so we didn't even have the chance to buy a thank you gift for him or anything. It was very sad. And then in year 12, we had a new year tutor and I didn't feel I could tell her anything or share my problems with her. But then that year I also lost my granddad after he suffered a stroke. I didn't tell anyone, but he noticed my different behaviour in the corridor that day and he asked me what was wrong. I told him and he was....fantastic, he told me he recently lost his father, although he's not there anymore, he never ever ever stops thinking about him and when you lose someone you will never forget them, and you should make them proud in their memory. He really helped me through my grieving. And then in year 13, the final school year, I really really wanted to say thank you for everything, so me and this girl organised to get a present for him because he helped her out too in a similar way but her problems were with her illness she had for a few years. We thought loads of others would get him something because he really deserved it, but no one else did, and he was so grateful. And for those reasons, he'll be my favourite teacher and no one else comes close.


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My favourite teacher is my sculpture teacher well with subjects like Zoology,Botany,Chemistry&Physics Sculpture might be the only subject you can relax but she listens to whatever you have to say and is quite helpful with not her subject but general advice also .


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There was some crazy aboriginal Canadian guy who would supply teach sometimes and was, colloquially speaking, a complete Billy Bob Thorton. He used to drop his packs of cigarettes and spill his coffee trying to clean it up. He smelled like gin, be wearing some thrift store cologne, and was generally useless. I can't even call him mister because I never learned his name. He'd tell half-assed parables using his "experiences" in life and wore jackets he says he bought 30 years ago. Probably my favourite tale was when he claimed he was the uncle of our teacher, talking about how she used to be a bikini model in the next town over when she was a young adult. The next day my teacher kind of laughed but vehemently denied being his niece. She later considered him a crazy guy to stay away from.

The end.


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My Science teacher that I had last year in school. He called one kid 'the sexpert' and he'd go around pulling random people's hairs. I was special as I got pushed off my chair.


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At high school, I LOVED my art teachers ^^ There were 3 of them.

Art Design: He was cool. I was the DJ of the class and was the one who played music in the comp every lesson :p The song he hated was 'Peacock' by Katy Perry XD

Art Painting: She was great. Whenever I'm sad, she lets me stay in her classroom, also at lunchtimes. Even when Katy Perry's song 'Firework' first came out, she's all 'LIKE A PLASTIC BAAAAG' whenever I play it :p She even lemme play 5 songs of my choice on my birthday XD

Art Photography: THEEEE best everrrr!!!!! that I even named my Delibird after her - Kylee XD! One thing she hated of me was my suicide stuff.. oh well. Got that off anyway, nya~