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Favorite Team Plasma member?

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Team Plasma was introduced in Black and White, and they went through a reinvention in Black 2 and White 2.

Which member was your favorite?

I liked N the most since his past was tragic, and I have a thing for characters who are awkward yet innocent lol.


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I'm going with Ghetsis for giving me one of my favourite quotes:


I always look forward to seeing that.


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N is my favorite for 2 reasons:

1. He talks fast and therefore I can spam A button when reading his dialogue (only when I decide to speed run or SR'd for some reason)
2. He's the only villainous team boss who is not actually evil, different from other team bosses in the series.


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I'll go with Colress. I like his personality and his goal of drawing out the true power of Pokemon. Shadow Triad were also mysterious and I loved their seemingly out-of-air appearances.


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Team Plasma is my favorite evil team in the series. Naturally, I like all of their prominent members. Ghetsis is a really cold-hearted and downright evil person who is perfect as the true boss of the Team, hiding his true intentions behind his actions and words. N is one of the deepest and best characters in the series. I like Colress because he is trying to make Pokemon more powerful through natural means, which is something I do as well so I can relate to him because of that. The Shadow Triad were cool all around. Anthea and Concordia might not do a lot, but the things they say always felt very powerful and important to me. The Sages were cool as well, they felt different from the sub-bosses of other evil teams in a good way. Special shout-out to Rood and Zinzolin since they appear in the B2/W2 as well.

Overall, I my favorite members of Team Plasma would have to be N, Ghetsis and Colress.

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Hmmm out of Team Plasma as a whole, I like Anthea and Concordia the most right now. I didn't think much of them in the past since they didn't do anything in B/W and they barely got involved in B2/W2's plot too, but I'm a huge fan of their designs. ^^;


N has always been my favorite Plasma-dan member, because I pitied how G-Cis manipulated him. N was pure of heart, and I liked his departure at the end of Black & White right before the game ending credits are shown.


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I think Team Plasma was the evil team with the deepest objective in the whole Pokémon series, because they touched upon animal cruelty and using animals as tools for battle in a way no other evil team had gone near before. I also liked how Plasma was divided into two camps - one which was loyal to Lord Ghetsis and another which was loyal to Natural Harmonia Gropius, better known as N.

Although if I had to choose one Team Plasma member who stands out the most, it would have to be N. While I played through Black, I was constantly wondering whether he was good or bad, since he wanted to set Pokémon free but was also with Team Plasma, who are Unova's criminal organization. I also like how he interacts with the player by asking them questions, battling together and even riding the Ferris wheel in Nimbasa City with them. (I guess this is where FerrisWheelShipping - Hilda/White/Touko x N - came from.)


N was probably one of the most unique characters that were part of a team. The fact that he spoke really fast was also a nice little quirk.


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My favorite Team Plasma member is Colress. I liked his resolve to bring out the true power of Pokémon.

N comes to a close second though.


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My two favorites are N and Colress. I didn't like Ghetsis because of how much of a power hungry maniac he was
This is not a hard question to answer for me.

N. He is one of the most tragic characters Pokemon has ever seen (he was the most before Sun/Moon came along), and the things he says are some of the most inspirational lines of dialogue to appear in a video game, especially the quote at the end of White when he's about to leave:

You said you have a dream... that dream... make it come true! Wonderful dreams and ideals give you the power to change the world! If anyone can, its you!"

That quote made me cry first time reading it, because I had been going through a few self-esteem issues at the time of playing.

Back to why I love him, though. One thing I spotted was that in B2W2, when you go do the season battles with him in post-game, he properly identifies as a Pokemon trainer. This moment, as well as that moment just before Victory Road where he talk to you, is when I realised how his character had developed so much. He accepted being a Pokemon trainer, instead of shunning the term.


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If they count, then Anthea and Concordia are my favorites. I liked their designs and story a lot, and I wish they had appeared more often.

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N is probably my favorite for his character and story, but Ghetsis's meltdown at the end is definitely one of the most epic tantrums in Pokemon history.
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Team Plasma was such an interesting villainous team and I wish they had done more with it. N is my favorite, obviously, because he's a tragic hero with darkness in his past and motives that take people a long time to understand. He comes from a good place but man, Ghetsis seriously messed him up.

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Well, it had to be N without a doubt. His mysterious character got me more into him and was pretty surprised when I realised that he was a puppet leader for Team Plasma when really it was Ghetsis who was behind it all. I also liked how N would be innocent otherwise if Ghetsis didn't rob him of it through his manipulation.


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N by default because let's face it, he was in a class of his own and the rest of Team Plasma looked bleak compared to N.
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