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Favorite Ultra Beast?


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Guzzlord is my favorite Ultra Beast due to how monstrous and fearsome it is, really enforcing the Lovecraftian angle they were dipping into with the Ultra Beasts


Team Awesome
Buzzwole, Blacephalon, and Phermosa


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I think this would make a good poll.

Mine would probably be Xurkitree. I also like Naganadel and Celestella.
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Naganadel, followed by Guzzlord and Buzzwole.


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Poipole or Nihilego. These other are a bit bizarre for my taste, but hey, at least they're interesting!


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Nihilego, I like its design better than those of the other Ultra Beasts'. It also has an unique typing, although it makes it very weak to Ground attacks. Pheromosa, Stakataka, Kartana and Naganadel are pretty good, too.

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Celesteela, obviously. With Poipole a close second because of the pun and the cuteness!


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Top 3 are:

1) Guzzlord
2) Celesteela
3) Blacephalon

and the only one I really dislike (design-wise, at least) is Buzzwole.


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Celesteela. By a long mile.

I adore the references to Japanese folklore; it's very well portrayed; I could go on forever about this, but I won't. Also, it's face is adorable and I find it oddly cute.


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I just love everything about it. It's comical yet intimidating, its typing is awesome, its shiny is even more awesome and I like how it kind of dances around.


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Guzzlord is my favorite.
I like his concept, hid design and his typing. When I found about it I felt literal chills down my spine because he looked genuinely scary.


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I like Blacephelon and its crazy design. It's like the pokemon embodiment of Mirror B from Pokemon Colloseum. :)


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I like xurkitree. It was also the first one I SR'd when I got access to the ultra wormholes. Nihilego is a close second.