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Favorite Ultra Beast?


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It'd have to be Poipole and Nihilego. Poipole because it looks pretty cute and can evolve. Not to mention it's got a pretty cool type! Nihilego because I like the jellyfish vibe its got. It just looks so calm and smooth that I don't immediately feel put off by it. Many other of the UBs fall into the Pokemon uncanny valley for me, which I get that's the point, but I'm not a big fan of the other UBs. Doesn't mean that they shouldn't exist, they're just weird to me.


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It's actually a tie between Pheromosa and Stakataka, I'm a sucker for graceful and elegant pokemon, and a sucker for object pokemon, so of course these two would win. I especially love how Stakataka overcame its awful typing and turned into a massive threat to be reckoned with.


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Poipole, because it's cute and looks less 'out there' than the other UBs. I'm not generally a fan of the UBs, so that works in Poipole's favor for me.

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My favorite by far is Nihilego, partially for its looks, but mostly because it's one of only a couple that has something of a story behind it. Oh, and because
its fusion with Lusamine was the most epic moment in the entirety of Sun and Moon.


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I think I like poipole since ash catches him later on and the purple color is cute :3

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I wonder which one is my favorite....hmmm...quite a mystery...