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Favorite Unova Fossil Pokemon?

Your favorite Gen 5 Fossil Pokemon?

  • Archen

  • Tirtouga

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There are two Fossils native to the Gen 5's Unova region, the Cover Fossil and the Plume Fossil.

Tirtouga is a Water/Rock type Pokemon that can be revived from the Cover Fossil. Tirtouga then can evolve into Carracosta starting at level 37.

Archen is a Rock/Flying type Pokemon that can be revived from the Plume Fossil. Archen then can evolve into Archeops starting at level 37.

Which one of these two Fossil Pokemon is your favorite and why?

I like them both a lot but my favorite is definitely Archen because its evolved form Archeops is my all time favorite Rock type and also one of my Top 10 favorite Pokemon of all time.
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I like Protoga (Tirtouga) the most based on its type and overall design. I only used the species in-game once however, and I found it to be relatively slow and not quite a good fit for my team at the time.


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Tirtouga, because I like anything aquatic and turtles are cute. It also has a better ability than Archen.


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Tirtouga. Good design and typing but keep it away from grass types. Archen/Archeops garbage ability keeps it from being great.


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I voted Archen.

I really like the design. The ability is horrendous. The movepool is awesome. I loved spamming Acrobatics in GenV, but it was such a liability if you didn't get that kill. I mean 140 Attack and 112 SpA is amazing coming off 110 Speed...

But when that drops to 70 and 56 and your defenses are both at 65.. Well.. even Sunflora hits harder, physically. Couple that with Rock Slide and Stone Edge's tendency to miss and some fights became really hard.

I like Archen a lot more than Tirtouga. Archen has the better evolved form while Carracosta looks badass but doesn't deliver. :[

Why doesn't Carracosta deliver for you? Carracosta is great as a lategame sweeper when your opponents team has been rid of Grass-type coverage and have all gotten chip damage. Just set up with Shell Smash and you can go to town with Aqua Jet or simply rely on Solid Rock to set up twice and outspeed most things disregarding priority altogether.

Meanwhile if Archeops gets hit once, it will likely drop below 50% health and lose 50% of its attack, meaning its deadweight.

Don't get me wrong, I like Archeops better then Carracosta, but Carracosta is honestly easy to use and ShellSmashCosta was a huge threat back then.

Tirtouga, because I like anything aquatic and turtles are cute. It also has a better ability than Archen.

I think that was the point. Archeops v. Carracosta is exactly like playing it risky or playing it safe.

Archen, it has a cooler design and is fast and hits harder, not to mentiona larger movepool. I still like Tirtouga, though.

Head's up: I voted Archen, but...

Carracosta honestly doesn't need a larger movepool. It actually has 4MSS. Think about it:
1. ShellSmash: Essential.
2. AquaJet: Huge if there's a threat it can pick off immediately without setting up.
3. Liquidation: Nuke once set up.
4. RockSlide/StoneEdge: Secondary STAB and a way to hit Grass-types if they do end up in your way.

And then you've got:
- Earthquake: EdgeQuake-coverage
- KnockOff: Great move.
- IronHead: Fairy-coverage.
- LowKick/Superpower: Mostly for Ferrothorn.
- IceBeam as a surprise SpA option against Grass or Dragons since SS does give a decent +2 to SpA as well.


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Tirtouga because t u r t l e

Archen is cool, but Archeops just... just don't.

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I like Archeops the most but its Ability is just awful! It’s a major disappointment that what should have been a a decent Pokémon becomes utter trash after a couple of hits. Its Defense stat is extremely low and there was no real need to make its stats go any lower since only its attack stats are high. But even then you’re not going to cause much damage because Archeops is extremely slow and most likely going to be hit with something that activates Defeatist.


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I like them equally. It used to be Archeops because of the funny way it flapped it wings brut Carracosta saved a Nuzlocke of mine and I liked its role in Super Mystery Dunegon.

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I like Carracosta because while it is another Water type turtle, it can take a few more hits than Blastoise and gets STAB Rock Slide. And it’s design is pretty cool and Solid Rock helps it survive a few Electric attacks. Grass attacks are really the only thing that poses an extreme danger to it. Other than that, you pretty much have a bulky Pokémon that can absorb most hits while hitting back.