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Favorite Vivillon Pattern

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What's your favorite Vivillon pattern? I like the Marine Pattern, because I like the Shades of blue on it.


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The Pokéball pattern. Too bad I'll never be able to get one unless an event occurs to make it more wide spread.


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This is a sentimental choice, but my first Vivilon was a Garden pattern. The very same Vivilon remained part of my team for a very long time (I think up until catching the mascot legendary)

Apart from Garden, I'm a fan of Modern and Monsoon. ^ ^

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All of them are alright in my opinion. If I had to choose I would go with the monsoon pattern as it stands out more than the others. At least to me.


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I like all of them, but the ocean pattern is my favourite. The sun and sea meeting at half looks very nice.


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Polar pattern is really beautiful. I always enjoy looking at it. It's simple but so... captiving, mesmerizing... Plus, it's my regional pattern, too, so I was really happy about that. :p
Apart of that one, I truly like Fancy pattern, River pattern, Sun pattern and Monsoon pattern.


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I like them all, but I like Modern, Polar(My region's pattern), and IcySnow the most.

Also Monsoon, but you know how rare that one is...
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