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Favourite 3rd Gen Game

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by weavile33, Sep 6, 2009.


Favourite 3rd Gen Main Series Game?

Poll closed Sep 27, 2009.
  1. Pokemon Ruby/Pokemon Sapphire

    2 vote(s)
  2. Pokemon FireRed/Pokemon Leaf Green

    7 vote(s)
  3. Pokemon Emerald

    13 vote(s)
  4. Pokemon Colesseum

    0 vote(s)
  5. Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness

    1 vote(s)
  6. Can't decide

    1 vote(s)
  7. All suck!

    0 vote(s)
  1. weavile33

    weavile33 < - Pure awesome!

    Hi - I was just wondering wat everyones favourite 3rd gen main series game was. I liked Emerald the best - it was twice as good as Ruby and Sapphire and introduced key features to the series such as the Battle Frontier and extra uses for abilities.
  2. Lifeline

    Lifeline little ms. derpy

    Emerald was my fav, it had a battle frontier thats way better than the one in Platinum. Also I liked how you could get a bunch of Johto pokes in the safari zone, and a Johto starter if you completed the pokedex. The animations of the pokemon when they come out are also great, and not in any other GBA game.
  3. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    am i the only one right now to vote on gale of darkness? it surprises me.
    i really enjoyed that game both single player and multiplayer with my friends. emerald was nice too but i already played ruby/saphire too much which killed some of the fun.
  4. pokedexfiller

    pokedexfiller Unova Trainer

    i would have to say fr cuz it wa my first game, though i couldnt make it out of that stupid viridian forest!!!
  5. Mageziya

    Mageziya Well-Known Member

    Emerald hands down.

    next in line are Ruby and Sapphire.

    Everything else I haven't played.
  6. It's a tie between Emerald and FireRed/LeafGreen. They were both great.
  7. sunny13

    sunny13 Proud Importer of HG

    Emerald and all it's epicness. :)
  8. Ampy

    Ampy Light The Stars

    Leafgreen, and Emerald.... Leafgreen for nostalgia reasons and Emerald for freshness
  9. latios reborn

    latios reborn Well-Known Member

    I would have to say Emerald
  10. Shadow Tepi 8

    Shadow Tepi 8 Prince of Blue

    It's a tie between Emerald and Colosseum for me, but I'm leaning towards Emerald because of the added features.
  11. squlicky4

    squlicky4 Well-Known Member

    it would have to be pokemon ruby for me
  12. coolespeon

    coolespeon I dont know.

    For me it was sapphire, because of the new pokes and the contests(in 4th gen they suck). But lg was awesome too, specially because I never had the chance to have a 1st gen game.
  13. GolemGuy

    GolemGuy Better Than Thou


    Battle Frontier was the best thing to ever happen to Pokemon. Combine that with the goodies of the Hoenn region in general, and you have the best Pokemon game ever.
  14. Pyrax

    Pyrax Mirai zura!

    A tie between Emerald and Colloseum.
  15. InfernoTheStrang

    InfernoTheStrang Pokemon. /smartbutt

    My favorite was Emerald. It had the Battle Frontier and gym leader rematches.
  16. the jman

    the jman Ak47 I choose you!

    Deffinatly Firered
  17. granbull guy

    granbull guy Vasoline

    FR and LG just loved those
  18. GolemGuy

    GolemGuy Better Than Thou

    Surprisingly, I never did have affection for FR/LG. It's just so much more nessecary to level grind, where you can actually end up overleveled in R/S/E if you battle every trainer in the game and nothing else.
  19. Mastavida

    Mastavida Active Member

    Emerald, without a doubt
  20. pastel

    pastel Viva el Reggaeton!

    i started emerald, i saw it was cool but i hate hoen, so i prefer lg!

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