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Favourite and Least Favourite Fonts?


Artisan of Words
Just a thought. What are your favourite and least favourite fonts? I haven't been able to really choose a font that I like while I'm typing.

Venia Silente

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It would depend on what are you typing and what is the styling of the medium. If I am writing on a word processor with the intention to print for example, say a report, I usually go for the Liberation, Century Schoolbook, Quivira or Palatino font families. If it's gonna stay on screen and be read that way, I usually turn to Lucida, Prociono or Droid / Droid Sans. All in all, it's kinda situational.

As for the least favourites... I wonder if that really needs to be asked :p - I'd say Impact, Verdana, Carlito and in general any font that is narrower than it needs to be.

(And yes, there's also a special place in my heart for Comic Sans...)


The Ghost Lord
(And yes, there's also a special place in my heart for Comic Sans...)
But Comic Sans is the most beautiful font in the world for memery or trolling! Including trolling people who hate Comic Sans! Also, Undertale. :p

Though, a bit more seriously, I'm not sure this is so much a writing topic as a formatting one. Though for the record I just go with whatever the word processor I'm using's default is because the places I post stuff overwrite the font automatically anyway.


Papyrus for best font.

But in all seriousness, I'm a Times New Roman man all the way. I'm sure that for graphic design purposes others are much better but I am not so inclined.


Artisan of Words
On the other hand, I hate Times New Roman the most. That's about as boring a font one can use.
I don't like it as much as well because the serifs are too much for me.


Rabid Dusclops Fan
I just go with Times New Roman - mostly because I want my work to look professional (even if it is kinda boring, but it's not so bad if you know how to format pages and paragraphs). I occasionally use Courier if I'm doing a script for a comic or something along those lines.

That being said, there will always be a place in my heart for Felix Titling. I use it for the title pages and page numbers for my webcomic, Servants, and that font does have a lot of charm to it!


Georgia, Tahoma and Calibird are my most used fonts so I'm going with them as favourites.

Least? Times New Roman (it just screams old laggy computer with horrible Internet speed to me and that's nightmarish...,) Arial and Comic Sans MS.


Just me
I don't care enough about fonts when I'm writing to change the default settings in a Word processor - the Quest for the Legends document, which was started on an older version of Word, uses Times New Roman, the default in that version, whereas documents started since I got a laptop in... 2009? use Calibri because that's the default in the version of Word I'm using now. Simple as that.

I'm a fan of Verdana and Georgia on websites, though, and Arial's always just looked ugly to me.


The #1 Remus Lupin f
For the stories I write in WordPad, which are usually meant for just posting on forums rather than on FF.net (though I may end up just switching over exclusively to MS Word in the near future, but I digress.), I usually use Arial 12 point because I just think it looks nice.

For stories I post online, I usually use Arial 10 point or Times New Roman 12 point, or just whatever the default is if I'm particularly lazy. Some of my stories have Arial 10 point and others have Times New Roman 12 point though.

I don't like to get super fancy with fonts while writing. I save that for graphic design.


I don't care for font too much, I tend to use the site's default fonts. As long as I can read the font, then I don't mind what it is.


Well-Known Member
Thanks to growing up with MSWord '03, I normally use 12-point TNR when working on a document (reinforced by college essay requirements). Sans serif fonts (in my opinion) are okay for things like projected slides, where the font will be magnified to the point where letters are easily distinguishable without serifs, and default fonts are what I usually use for online forum/story posting, but if I'm working in a word processor like MSWord, TNR seems like the most professional option.

Least favorite font? Probably the one that I have never used and never will use that is currently doing nothing but taking up hard drive space on my computer.