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Favourite Disney movies


Disneyland <3
Discuss your favourite Disney movies here.

Classic Disney movies I love are Aladdin, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty.

Modern Disney movies I love are Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story, High School Musical, Freaky Friday.

And a lot more :)


Well-Known Member
Snow White, Dumbo, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story and its sequels, Monster's Inc, Finding Nemo, and any Winnie the Pooh movie. Love my Disney and Pixar.

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
Monster Inc. and All 3 toy story movies. The lilo and stitch franchise (including the series.)
Princess and the Frog is a good modern day movie If I do say so myself.


The Lady and the Tramp is one of my favourites, and 101 Dalmatians. I just like dogs.


Did it on 'em
Anything Studio Ghibli, Princess Diaries, Tron, Mulan, Aladdin, Finding Nemo, Lilo & Stitch. That's it I think.


Disneyland <3
Yes indeed I forgot about the Princess Diaries :) Also a great movie!

The movies that I actually don't like are Mulan & Pocahontas.


Lover of underrated characters
Toy Story 1, 2, 3, and Cars 1 and 2 are my favorite Disney movies.


Beauty and the Beast is my all-time favorite Disney movie with the rest of them ranging from okay to ****. Thankfully, ABC Family likes to re-air the movie every now and then.

Marbi Z

Being a furry it should come as no surprise that my Favorite Disney Movies are Bambi, Robin Hood, and The Lion King (witch was in 3D theaters recently). Ohh... I'll never forget the love scenes... Especially the Thumper Love Scene in Bambi.

Meowth City

Staff member
My favorite movie is by far The Lion King :D
Seconded!! The Lion King is my favourite movie of all time. I went to the 3D IMAX screening of it, and I'm not gonna lie but I was very emotional throughout the film ~ I was in tears the whole time. It was an incredible feeling being able to see, not only the best film in my opinion, but also something that is a huge part of my childhood. Anyway, enough blubbering, I just love Disney in general. Just call me a Disney addict if you will xD

You can't go wrong with the classics like Beauty and the Beast (my second favourite), Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, etc. However, I really enjoy some of the modern ones too like Finding Nemo. My new favourite one is Tangled, especially since it has Mandy Moore, one of my favourite actresses/singers :D


burning it down
My favourite's The Little Mermaid. Such a good film. I love Mulan, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and Toy Story 3 as well. But I love all Disney films, not gonna lie. Ooo and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and Lilo & Stitch.


TCG Trainer
I'm a fan of most Disney Renaissance films, along with many of the classics and modern ones too (Not counting Pixar, which I also love). If I had to pick a FAVORITE though, I guess I'm going to have to pick Hercules.
Mainly the classics like Lion King, Toy story. Monsters Inc is probably hands down my favorite, and Cars is good too ^^ my sister would like this thread, she likes all of the ones sarah does :p