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Favourite Dungeon?


Espeon will own all!
What is your favourite dungeon through out the game for rescues and why?
Mine is Great Canyon: The environment is unlike any other environments in any Pokémon game ever


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Wish Cave/Purity Forest. They're the only dungeons that are actually a challenge.

Emerald Metagross

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I love Purity Forest and Western Cave. Don't like Wish Cave and Joyous Tower for some reason...I actually find Purity Forest to be real easy, even though everyone says it's the toughest...
Also, the One-Room-Monster-Houses on Silver Trench were also a bit challenging. (maybe it's because I don't use any moves that affect the whole room...)


The new tuxedo look!
Sky tower for items, buried relic for money (I once found a coin worth 2000 poke:)), wish cave for difficulty, waterfall pond for recruits, and sinister woods for gummis.


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I simply love Western Cave. Why? It has Pokémon easy to defeat that gives a lot of exp. (Alakazam, Blastoise, Tyranitar...) and has Stat boosting vitamines, great for getting stronger.


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Western Cave, Silver Trench, Sky Tower, Wish Cave, Purity Forest. End of my story.


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Meteor Cave. It's hard to get through, but there is tons of money. It also has my favorite Pokemon.


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I Like alot of them for the music, especially Sky Tower, Silent Chasm, and Great Canyon. But i also like sinister woods because you can recruit scyther!