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Favourite Dungeon?


If its green I'm on^
Western Cave and Buried Relic, Because they are the best places to level up. ;006;


Queen of the Abyss
Waterfall Pond, Grand Sea, Purity Forest and Wish Cave. They are so beautiful.
Buried Relic, Magma Caveren, and Grand Sea. Buried Relic is a good place for me to train, and I like the pokemon at the other two.
I don't know why, but I love Buried Relic and Western Cave. It's probably because I've done them so many times that I've gotten used to them which makes them easy. I also enjoy Sky Tower, probably because of all the Sky Gummies that can be gotten there.
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Espeon Lover
Erm, Silver Trench ('cos the name is so cool), Purity Forest and Joyous Tower (starter delight!) :D

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Waterfall Pond, Wyvern Hill or Western Cave.


The Fang Glider


You best believe it
Great Canyon-Great Music, Great source of money, Great Experience, Great Pokemon. In a word, Great!


great canyon, cuz i looks cool and have my fav pokemon :p
and lapis cave cuz.... i dont know lol, just like it


You best believe it
I got my new training area, Grand sea! If what you're saying is true (about the monster houses), it's sort of like a short Silver Trench, So I'm going to be going back there a lot!