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Favourite Gym Leader

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I would say Sabrina because nothing except for ghost in r/b/y is super effective against psychic, and there is no ghost gym leader in r/b/y, so Sabrina would probably own them all.


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Kinda misleading post title...says "Favorite", but then the first post talks about a "free-for-all".
Ah well, no big.

My favorite Gym Leader was Koga. He was a freakin' ninja, c'mon!

As far as who would win in a fight, I'd go with Sabrina.
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My favorite Gym And as far as who would win in a fight, I think I'd go with Sabrina. She's the strongest of 'em all, I think.


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Misty is just amazing. I'll throw Sabrina in there too.


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Sabrina and Koga are faves for me. They both were tough gym leaders to beat.


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I'd have to say either Misty or Erika and not just because Erika is my favorite Gym Leader OF ALL TIME.

They would win because Water and Grass types have the best type advantage.

Grass can pretty much take down anything except for fire.

And Water is just great.


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Lt. Surge and his Raichu, hes shocking!


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I think thay flannery would win cause she is cool


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I only had a Charmander... And I got my arse pwned so many times before I beat him.. Haha.

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sabrina rocks
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