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Favourite Hoenn Location


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
The Battle Frontier easily. I thought the graphics in Gen 3 were good but nothing mind-blowing compared to some other JRPGs I saw. That was until I got to the Battle Frontier and man did it blew my mind on what GameFreak could do with the limited GBA hardware, castes, pyramids, temples, dojos. The Battle Frontier not only stood out as a strong post-game, it had a great awesome look to it. All the more disappointing we didn't see it's 3D counterpart in the remakes.


TheotherLati said:
Huge love for Hoenn here. My favorite one that I usually spend most of my time would be Foretree City and the route right before it. I'd spend countless hours attempting to catch Feebas with NO avail haha and building secret bases around that area too

I liked the thunder and lightning of that route, although I did feel like it was a hassle to hunt down Hinbass (Feebas). I disliked the fact that some areas required the Acro Bike, too.

Erron Black

The Outlaw
Probably Sootopolis City. I love the location and the idea behind it. Feels like a little hidden city to me and I love how you must first access it by using Dive, plus the fact that the resolution of the story is there makes it even better to me. Very unique and lovable city to me.


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I love so many places! Fortree city with all those bridges, Pacifidlog floating on the water, Mossdeep hidden in the sea route with a SPACE CENTER, and of course Sootopolis, the secluded gem in a crater... speaking of crater, remember Meteor Falls? I liked it more in RS than in Emerald, due to the color change, but it was so cool finding Champion Steven there... I never did beat him.

Oh, and the volcano... the cable car especially. One of the few areas I didn't like better in the remake. When I was a kid, I was so amused that I had a fourteen-second-long track... I thought it was cool that it was so short. I don't know why but I used to be so curious about song length.

And Route 120! Maybe it's not much (although I think it's great) but I spent the entire game wanting to get there to catch Absol and when I finally did, well... there wasn't a much better feeling than that.

I just love Hoenn so much.

Shuriken Throw

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Sootopolis City, because it seemed quite hidden and its music was great.

I also like the Battle Frontier, Petalburg Woods, and Dewford Town.


The locations of Hoenn are very memorable - they're all so weird and wacky.

I like Mossdeep a lot, along with Lavaridge and the cool little cable car. Verdanturf is very nice too.


Cerulean Blues
The Abandoned Ship. I liked the atmosphere inside and the sunken rooms where we had to find those items. I'm just mad that Sea Mauville replaced the ship in the Hoenn remakes.