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Favourite Items From Your Collection


Talk about your favourite items from your collection. I have a lot of stuff, (over 50 plushies at least and I haven't counted the figures), but these are the ones that I really love the most.

She looks so fabulous! She is one of my favourite megas. I wish there was a plushie for her.


The goomy is custom, but he looks so official. Love him to bits. Blissey is one of my favourite pokemon so as soon as I saw this on ebay I bought it.


I have four plushies of her, this is the first one I bought from her and it remains my favourite cause it's so small and cute.


As soon as I saw her design, I was amazed and I really wanted a plushie of her as soon as she was released.


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this raichu!


i like the plusle/minun in the pic too but he is just so soft and cuddly and amazing. definitely worth it too because i bought him for $40+tax/ship a few months ago and he's already $80+tax/ship on that same website, and will probably just keep going up.


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A lot of my favourite items are gifts and/or customs - here are some of them!


This Play-by-Play Mewtwo backpack will always have a special place in my heart. My late grandmother took me to Toys R Us for my birthday years ago and let me choose my own gift, so I chose him. He's a funny-looking plush, but I'll always treasure him.


Part of what I love about plush is that they're the closest thing to getting to cuddle with the real thing. I've always wanted a big plush, and I was so excited when this was announced for the Espurr Wanted! promotion in Japan. The Pokemon Center website lists her as 1:1, and while she falls a little short, I love that she's considered one. She's also incredibly soft and detailed!


Lance was a custom birthday gift from a friend! He needs more official merch, dangit.


I love zukan. These are all of the Mewtwo zukan that have ever been released, and I don't think I've encountered anyone else who has all four. The two on the left were released with the Genesect movie, the third is old and fairly rare, and the last one was released during Pokemon's 10th anniversary, which I found while vacationing in London.


I don't have a great photo of it right now, but I really like my Tomy Blaziken pose figure. I like figures that are large and figures that have decent articulation, and this fulfills both!


Smugleaf was from a friend who modded a Snivy figure to give him a bow tie, monocle, cane and top hat just for me!


The mould (and Umbreon plush) were from a friend who visited family in Japan, and I love the mould to bits! I love baking, especially baking nerdy desserts, and Pokemon desserts make me stupidly happy (even if it is a Pikachu). Here's a Pika-cake!


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A Machop plush I made myself. Photo not available.


Alas, I do not have a photo of my one to hand, but my substitute plushie (stock image is below) is likely my favourite.

Sub plushie.jpg

I am also seriously tempted to buy a full set of all the gym badge replicas.


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My current favourite items are plush dolls of Darkrai, Yveltal and Jirachi and a Mega Charizard X figurine. Coming in a close second would be plush dolls of Froakie and Poliwhirl, the latter being the first piece of Pokemon mechandise I obtained.
Smugleaf was from a friend who modded a Snivy figure to give him a bow tie, monocle, cane and top hat just for me!

That is ridiculously awesome! It's everything Snivy should've been. XD

As for my own, definitely this Mudkip plush, since it's my first official merch (in that I had other merch but they weren't from the Pokemon store) and pretty much because it's Mudkip.


Other than that, I also really like this Jirachi plush, especially since it's one of my recent additions and I got it out of sheer luck of finding it in a local video game store that suddenly started to sell Poke-merch imported from Japan. :D


And there's this mini-comic. Granted, it's not official merch - more fan merch than anything - but it's awesome and definitely a great addition to the collection.



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I have quite a few favourites in my collection…..

[spoil]This Wailord plush is one of them. He was a present from my mum last year for Xmas, a really expensive present, costing a whopping $125. He’s so cuddly and soft and HUGE. He’s at least 25 inches long!

These three, also incredibly expensive but totally worth it. They were only available on New Years Day at the Pokemon Center this year, so it’s pretty damn exciting to own the entire set!

Tbh I never ever thought I’d get my hands on this guy, but I did. I almost cried when I saw him and held him for the first time. He is currently displayed on shelf in my room, and has also earned the nickname 'Shard'

Although this Latios isn’t actually an official plushie, he is just so big and cuddly and I can’t help but love him. Plus he was one of my first Pokemon plushies. Also apparently he is quite hard to come by nowadays. Oh and speaking of first plushies…..

This Jakks Snivy is also another precious plush in my collection. Why? Well, he holds the title for my first ever Pokemon plush. I love the look on his face to.

And last but not least we have this awesome plushie. Despite only getting him recently, he is already one of my faves. He’s just so well made, and he’s freaking shiny! *random sparkle noises*

Honorable mentions include: Jakks Palkia plush, Shiny Vaporeon plush, Mega Aggron figure, Virizion plush.
PS. Sorry for the awful pics, they are the only photos I have on my computer.[/spoil]


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^ Those sleeping Pokemon plushies are so cute. :>

I'm not a very materialistic person, so I don't have that many plushies compared to everyone else on this thread lol. Most of my plushies are cheap little things won from carnival games at my local amusement park. They're still super cute though. I have a medium-sized Shaymin-Sky, Snivy, and Minccino. I also have a small Tepig and Meowth and a pretty huge Piplup.

I have an Oshawott that can convert into a plush Poke Ball, but I didn't win that from the amusement park.

On a side note, a few years back I attempted to dress up as Hilda for Halloween. I used my Snivy and Tepig in my costume. :)
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My favourite item is a shiny Pichu plush doll that I purchased from a yard sale a few years back. I think it was released during the Hg/Ss era to tie into the shiny Pichu event, tho I haven't done much research on it. ^^;


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I like my Pikachu toy from mcdonalds that has light up cheeks :3 He has a very cute design to him and is nice and small (though not super-small, lol) and fun to hold ^_^ Making his cheeks light up is fun, too :)


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mines the 1ft Flygon Plush and the slightly smaller Flygon plushie though the shiny 1ft Farfetch'd plushie is also a favorite of mine.

though a recent purchase is equally cool, i got this for $40 at otakuthon and its really neat. its what the pokeball likely does to keep the pkmn happy when its in there.
shellos ball.jpg
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