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Favourite Kalos fossil Pokemon?

Which Kalos fossil Pokemon is your favourite?

  • Amaura

    Votes: 3 30.0%
  • Tyrunt

    Votes: 7 70.0%

  • Total voters


Call of Fate
Like most generations before it, Generation VI has introduced a pair of fossil Pokemon: Amaura, which is revived from the Sail Fossil, and Tyrunt, which is revived from the Jaw Fossil. Which one do you prefer? Please remember not to spam and explain your choice a little.


Blue fish girl and Green sandwich girl <3
Too hard for me to choose between them, I just like both of them equally. In terms of design they somehow managed to make them both ancient and elegant! I love when fantasy media introduces ancient and prehistorical creatures to their lore.


Out of the two choices I prefer Chigoras [Tyrunt], not necessarily because I like that stage of it however, but rather because I'm quite fond of Gachigoras [Tyrantrum].


Well-Known Member
That's a tough one. I would say Tyrunt. I really like its movepoll.

Amaura has some neat colors and effects, too.