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Favourite Kanto Legendary Bird

Which legendary bird is your favourite?

  • Articuno

    Votes: 11 64.7%
  • Zapdos

    Votes: 5 29.4%
  • Moltres

    Votes: 1 5.9%

  • Total voters


Call of Fate
Generation I introduced a trio of legendary birds, also known as the Winged Mirages. Which one is your favourite? Please remember not to spam and explain your choice a bit.


Canada Connoisseur
Articuno is easily my favourite. It's just so majestic and elegant-looking, like the Northern Lights.

Articuno is my favorite of the three Kanto legendary birds. I think it looks really cool. On the other hand Zapdos is kinda bland and Moltres is just..... KFC.

Someone on YouTube (forgot their name) actually called Moltres KFC in a playthrough of a FireRed/LeafGreen hack. XD


Long live Masaki Kurosaki, Princess of the Quincy.
Do the Galarian forms count? Yay or nay?

As for my favorite legendary bird, Kantonian/Galarian Zapdos is my favorite.

Honorable mentions

Galarian Moltres
Galarian Articuno


Freezer (Articuno) is my favorite Legendary Kanto Bird, although Thunder (Zapdos) is great too. The second Pokemon movie is one of my favorites specifically because Freezer and Thunder made their anime debuts in it.


Call of Fate
I like all three (in their Kantonian Formes, at least), but I'll go with Articuno. It is elegant and majestic and I love its cry. Seafoam Islands are also my favourite dungeon in Kanto.


Rose of Fire
As I like its stats and battle performance much more than its two opponents, Zapdos takes my point. Regarding the Gen. VIII forms, on the other side, I enjoy Galarian Moltres the most because of its elegant black and red colours.


Just another pokemon player.
I prefer Zapdos. It looks stats are great along with the design and does not have the same 4x damage from the obnoxious Stealth Rock compared to Moltres and Articuno.
Honorary mention Galarian Moltres. It's design is amazing.


Informed Casual
If we're going with just the originals; Articuno is my favorite design wise, seconding what NovaBrunswick said about its general elegance. I loved how both it and Vaporeon were constantly sparkling in their Stadium models. Zapdos is my favorite mechanics wise, along with having an almost equally great design.

Moltres is unfortunately unsuccessful on both fronts; wasn't too big of a deal growing up but ever since the "Moltres without flames" meme I only see a rubber chicken.

If we're throwing in the Galarian forms, I love the changes to Zapdos. Galarian Articuno was a downgrade for me though, and Moltres is a little better in black but still not great.


Well-Known Member
Articuno (Had a lot of great experiences with Articuno, Ice-Types, and its design looks a right amount of beautiful, powerful and mythical. It's more than a legendary for me! :))> Zapdos (He's actually pretty cool! O_O)> Fire KFC (Moltres is just... bland.)

P.S.: I noticed something! People are also having the "ArticUNO > ZapDOS > MolTRES" opinion! Probably it was intended to give a better design to the Pokémon with the highest Spanish number? Maybe that's why their English Names are like that!


Well-Known Member
Mine is Zapdos with Articuno as a close second. Zapdos has awesome power with speed. I like that Articuno can learn Bubblebeam and Water Pulse. Moltres is pretty awesome, too.


Well-Known Member
Zapdos and Articuno. Moltres was always the odd man out for me because it's basically a giant flaming chicken with no elegance or grace.