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Favourite Lines of Dialogue / Quotes in a Video Game?

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by Minedreigon, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. Minedreigon

    Minedreigon A monument to all your sins

    Self explanatory. Have fun. Some video games have brilliant writing so I’ll leave you with a snipit of my favourite exchange:

    “I am a monument,
    to all your sins.”

    - The Gravemind, Halo 2
  2. shoz999

    shoz999 IT WAS ME! SETETH!

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  3. I’m not gonna write serious ones down yet, just gonna post some of my favourite funny ones.

    “Oh REAAAAAALLY?” - Alisa Reinford, Trails of Cold Steel

    “*sings song* that’s love and peace, baby.” - Olivier Lenheim, Trails in the Sky

    “Doors? What’s a door?” - Asahi Tachibana, Akiba’s Beat

    “GOD DAMN IT” - Rouxls Kaard upon his one-block puzzle being solved, Deltarune

    “I could’ve sworn I saw a puzzle there...” - Professor Layton commenting on a man’s chin, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

    “I don’t think those robes will fit you, Hagrid. Why not let Harry try them on?” - Madam Malkin, Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 Nintendo DS Edition

    “First, I’d give him an award for best male actor. Then punch him in the face.” - Orion, Amnesia: Memories

    “What if he’s a DABle- *sigh* a double agent for the DAB?” - Yamato Hongo, Akiba’s Beat
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2018
  4. Judge Mandolore Shepard

    Judge Mandolore Shepard Spectre Agent

    Here are some of mine:

    "Enough expository banter. It's time we fight like men. And ladies. And ladies who dress like men. For Gilgamesh...IT IS MORPHING TIME!" - Gilgamesh, Final Fantasy V

    "This, recruits, is a 20-kilo ferrous slug. Feel the weight. Every five seconds, the main gun of an Everest-class dreadnought accelerates one to 1.3 percent of light speed. It impacts with the force of a 38-kilotomb bomb. That is three times the yield of the city buster dropped on Hiroshima back on Earth. That means Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son-of-a-***** in space. Now! Serviceman Burnside! What is Newton's First Law?" - Gunnery Sergeant, Mass Effect 2

    "HP/MP restored! But you're still hungry." - sleep chamber in Chrono Trigger

    "Enough with this sideshow. Why don't we show him our combined power?" - Dracula, Castlevania Portrait of Ruin

    "Ta! Come visit again! Or I'll pluck out your eyes." - Sheogorath, The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

    “You all know the mission, and what is at stake.
    I have come to trust each of you with my life — but I have also heard murmurs of discontent. I share your concerns.
    We are trained for espionage; we would be legends, but the records are sealed. Glory in battle is not our way.
    Think of our heroes; the Silent Step, who defeated a nation with a single shot. Or the Ever Alert, who kept armies at bay with hidden facts.
    These giants do not seem to give us solace here, but they are not all that we are.
    Before the network, there was the fleet. Before diplomacy, there were soldiers!
    Our influence stopped the rachni, but before that we held the line!
    Our influence stopped the krogan, but before that, we held the line!
    Our influence will stop Saren; in the battle today, we will hold the line!” - Captain Kirrahe, Mass Effect
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018

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