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Favourite moments of XY(Z)


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With the Kalos league titles showing us that we are nearing the end of the X and Y anime arc, I thought it would be fun to reflect on our favourite parts of this series
Personally mine was the bunnelby episode where we found out how he and clemont met. It was a really nice story about how Clemont could teach anyone how to battle and win, proving to us that he is not just some pushover gym leader (not that his battle with Ash meant that he wasnt hard to beat)

So what was yours?


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Any Serena reaction face, the animators really enjoyed making them.

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There were two things that I liked. The Ash-Greninja arc got me hooked into Greninja and realising the sheer power that Greninja got when it transformed was legendary. And also Serena's Eevee evolving into Sylveon, which was pretty nicely executed in the anime.


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I have several, mostly involving Team Rocket:

* Team Rocket's challenging battles in the first half of the series, particularly the ones with buffed up Wobbuffet.
* The whole of Frenzied Factory Fiasco. More Pikachu vs Meowth episodes please.
* Any of Jessie's competent showcase moments (especially in A Dancing Debut where she won, and the Japanese edit of the semi finals with Rocket-dan Danka playing during her last performance). Meowth being competent as a Pokemon also wins for me.
* Anytime Team Rocket made amusing interaction with one of the twerps (eg. trolling Serena over her Ta-da catchphrase or anytime Clemont annoys the others by going into 'Team Rocket Fan Club' mode). James posing as 'Jeeves' was also a cute moment I feel should have been used more.
* I think I'm in the minority that liked Goodra's two parter in the wetlands. It shown how much he'd grown, had a good sympathetic antagonist in Florges and a great not so harmless moment for Team Rocket.
* I will admit most of the uses of Dori Dori in the original edit made me smile a little. The dub is unforgiven for that edit.
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Talonflame vs Moltres and Noivern vs Zapdos: Especially the evolution, since both evolved to save the ones they love.
Ash vs Clemont: So much tension in that battle (And i confess now that i was rooting for Clemont).
Serena making it to the finals in the Master Class.

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Serena crossdressing. That's a moment in the anime I'll remember for a long time.

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Serena screaming when Miette was flirting with Ash. XD

Other moments? Ash vs. Olympia was awesome.


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All of the gym battles except grant
Mega evolution specials
Clemont and Ash's bromance moments
Also the reference to Dawn's Piplup
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I enjoy some amourshipping here and there but the ash greninja arc takes the cake. The whole story seemed not like normal Pokemon anime but something more than that. It seemed darker than normal episodes for as long as I can remember and I loved every second of it


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All the Ash and Serena moments (especially the whole cosplay episode) and the Ash-Greninja Arc. Also the Wulfric Battles and the battle vs Clemont were amazing to watch.

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Pancham getting caught.
Serena crossdressing. (Can't recall a female ever doing that in Pokemon)
Bonnie sleep walking into Drifblim.
Clemont and Bunnelby stuff.
Clemont being treated decently the first half of the season.
Dedenne and Puni-chan fighting over Bonnie's bag.
Shauna on the bridge.
Bunnelby and Eevee stuff.
Braixen/Fennekin and Pancham stuff.
Noibat being cute.
Serena's development. Controversial as she may be.
Alain and Manon before they became apart of Ash's world.
Nearly everything with Bonnie in it.


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Quite a lot, but I'll shorten it to a few:

-The first two episodes of the series.
-Clemont vs Clembot.
-All of the gym battles
-Serena's development.
-Ash-Greninja arc.
-Serena crossdressing.
-Goomy's development
-Talonflame evolving against Moltres + Ash diving into the volcano.

These are just what I really enjoyed. I could probably add on even more if I had the time to think it over.
Ash's Gym Battles (specifically Ash vs. Clemont, Valerie, Olympia, and Wulfric)
XY&Z song.
Stand Tall.
Ash-Greninja's arc.
The V.S. screens.
The animation jump this season.
Serena's character development.
Fennekin and Eevee evolving.
Miette + her performances.