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Favourite moments of XY(Z)

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by TheScentedApple, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    Don't forget the team glomp at the end of it (loved they bothered to bring out Inkay just for that moment as well, the whole roster feels like a family this region).

    I should probably add the first few episodes of the series. Let me explain in more substance. While it was neat they established Ash as more competent this season, they went far above that. They demonstrated just how much experience he had gained and made it proportionate to his treatment. After a less than fanfared entrance, he greets some of the locals and then Team Rocket often bursts in. Unlike most regions where they are just a nuisance (par Unova of course), the Trio are proving intimidating and fearsome, even taking out police forces, only for Ash and Pikachu through remarkable perseverance and resourcefulness, to always stop their plots. Nearly everyone is dumbfounded by what a supposedly normal young trainer is capable of. This is a really cathartic treatment of the old rivalry, after years and years of Ash and the trio being treated as nothing more than amateurs, all their experience is finally acknowledged and put on display. Not to mention how exceptionally more actionized these first few episodes feel. It's almost like a true superhero vs supervillain rivalry.

    Other minor moments I forgot to note before:

    * Meowth's culinary chekhovs skill put into use again in the showcases (boy does he feel in the zone here, such a nice change).
    * Meowth successfully Fury Swiping Pikachu for the first time (yeah it was a curb stomp cushion, but at least he finally broke Pikachu's humiliating flawless streak over him).
    * Inkay stays with James.
    * As does Wobbuffet with Jessie.
    * Oh and she's keeping Gourgeist too.
    * For some reason, while it's not fully developed, there's something endearing about Clemont's friendship with Ash, especially in those first few episodes where he wants to help out in his own way. He's essentially the geeky sidekick of the admired jock, but he has his own abilities and Ash very much appreciates that.
    * Any big brother moments between Pikachu and the Kalos Pokemon, most often Dedenne (say that double team Nuzzle wasn't adorable).
    * While it's not a really eventful short, there were lots of cute trainer-less interactions in 'What's this Key for?', Pikachu babysitting Dedenne, befriending the Tyrunt, Meowth, Wobbuffet and Inkay walking off into the sunset.
    * Roaring All Stars. Pokemon does Glee.
    * While it signs a brief downward spiral for Ash, there's something cute about Sawyer's overjoyed reaction to defeating his idol. Even his Sceptile smiles for him.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2016
  2. SoundVoltex

    SoundVoltex Well-Known Member

    The moments that stick out the most to me are:

    Goodra vs Luxray - I really like XY's second opening. The battle was adorable as well, given everyone's connection in it.

    Ash-Greninja vs Mega Gardevoir - The battle that got me back into the Pokemon anime series. Prior to this, I was just waiting for gym battles to air and almost elusively watching that. I think this battle solidified Ash as a contending force for champion this season.
  3. Litleonid

    Litleonid Well-Known Member

    My favorite moments.
    -The entire gym battle between Ash and Olympia.
    -When Chespin and Pancham teamed up to defeat Team Rocket.
    -Let's just say any time Chespin and Pancham interacted as well.
    -Serena's final performance in the Master Class.
    -Ash-Greninja defeating Mega Sceptile in the Kalos League
    -Ash's gym battle with Clemont.
    -When Serena posed as Ash to take on Jimmy and his cute rocker Pikachu.
    -Noivern battling against Zapdos after evolving.
    -Every time Hawlucha treated Noibat/Noivern like his son.
    -Ash nearly beating Champion Diantha, until he fell out of sync with Greninja.
    -Everything about the cute Litleo from A Fiery Rite of Passage.
    -When Clemont caught Luxio.
    -When Siebold took down Alain's Mega Charizard X.
  4. Greneuliest808

    Greneuliest808 Future Graduate

    I can't really say my favorite moments until this series is over, so I'll leave it at that.
  5. Heekful

    Heekful French Pokefan

    1) Goodra arc (+ Goodra vs Luxray)
    2) Snowbelle City arc (gym , forest , rematch)
    3) Serena cutting her hair
    4) Serena winning her first key
    5) Serena cross dressing as Ash

    And it's not over yet ! 10 more episodes to wait.
  6. Hauteclaire

    Hauteclaire Well-Known Member

    - Every ME special, Alain, Steven, Lysandre;
    - The Ash-Greninja arc;
    - Everything about Goomy/Sliggoo/Goodra;
    - Hawlucha;
    - Noibat/Noivern;
    - The Anistar Gym, Ash's Gym battle vs Olympia;
    - Everything about Sawyer;
    - The Kalos League (regardless of whether Ash wins or not);
    - And last but not least an incredible XY&Z song.
  7. Rapiido

    Rapiido Well-Known Member

    I was more or less talking about its typing, Noctowl being the semi-exception as it's versed in Psychic moves, but all other birds save for Close Combat was all about Normal/Flying for 15 years.
  8. Everlasting

    Everlasting Everything stays.

    - I agree wholeheartedly. Serena's haircut scene was incredibly emotional and the music was simply perfect. This particular scene (and episode) is what mainly brought me back to watching the XY anime after I had drifted away a little. Best scene I've watched in a long time.

    - Serena's final performance, with her voice actress singing DoriDori in the back.

    - Serena's character development. Wonderful.

    - Miette. That is all.

    - I also loved the final scene from the Espurr and rain shelter episode, where Espurr is gently sitting on the backseat of the car, holding a flower to bring to the grave of its previous 'owner'. Very simple yet powerful scene that caught me right in the feels as the episode was finishing. Loved it.

    - Oh! And Ash's battle with Diantha... It was beyond epicness. Ash-Greninja giving the hard labour to Gardevoir and launching such powerful moves at it was a sight to be seen. Too bad Ash lost consciousness in the processs, because this showdown was very impressive!
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2016
  9. kanrasan

    kanrasan Active Member

    anything with clemont, seriously that kid is like a ray of sunshine in this abyss of darkness and pain
  10. Alexander18

    Alexander18 Banned

    Ash landing top 2 is another favorite of mine. Having both Noivern and Goodra in his team for league is a plus. Alain winning is good in my opinion.
  11. dp045

    dp045 Well-Known Member

    My favorite part: Alain will see behind bars, that will remove the title and the league never did step to avoid public embarrassment.

    Well, seriously scene discussion between Serena and Ash when he was depressed and battle AshGreninja vs MegaSceptile was the best so far in XYZ.
  12. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    My favorite moment was the childish prepubescent rage some "fans" got into who had found themselves some excuses while the obvious was glaring them in the face..
  13. phanpycross

    phanpycross God-king

    Overly mean much?

    I think it's safe to say we have always had our "less fortunate" posts.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2016
  14. Kululu34

    Kululu34 Prog. Rock Lover

    Top 5 moments

    1.Ash entering Valarie's gym in the dub. The music just makes it more epic

    2.The scary house episode. A perfect filler episode, especially the twist ending.

    3.Serena cross dressing as Ash. I'm a amourshipper, so that moment I just loved.

    4.Ash vs. Wulfric. As soon as the heavy metal remix of XY and Z came on. Everything got real, especially with Ash and Greninja synchro evolving.

    5. Ash-Greninja vs. Mega Scepitle. Need I say more about that battle.

    Here's hoping the writers kept a tight script for the Team Flare arc, and the ending of the X and Y series.
  15. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    In no specific order, my top five favorite moments so far (unless I'm forgetting others):

    * Entirety of Mega Evolution Special: Act III - Arguably the best episode so far in the XY(&Z) series
    * Serena's failed debut and haircutting scene at the docks
    * Ash v Olympia
    * Ash/Serena River scene + Snowball scene - Funny how the two non-shippy scenes actually end up being more poignant than the manufactured ones
    * SatoSmogonfrog v Mega Sceptile
  16. U.N. Owen

    U.N. Owen In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...

    The entirety of the Winding Woods episode. In a long time, it felt like Ash was a person with emotions.
  17. Amine

    Amine Well-Known Member

    Ash losing to Alain, best moment ever.
  18. SoundVoltex

    SoundVoltex Well-Known Member

    You monster.
  19. Alexander18

    Alexander18 Banned

    Yeah, Alain winning was good because we now know who won the league. I was prepared for Ash to lose so I kept my expectations low.
  20. Lexya428

    Lexya428 Pokèmon Master

    Terrible. You terrible human being. You should be ashamed of yourself.


    Actually, I just came to this thread to say the same exact thing. XD

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