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Favourite moments of XY(Z)

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by TheScentedApple, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Amine

    Amine Well-Known Member

    Well I was sarcastic of course.

    Well the best moment was supposed to be Greninja defeating MCX with that shuriken.
  2. NegaiFreak

    NegaiFreak WATER SHURIKEN!

    I get that it's the internet and all, but when you know the majority of fans were hyped to see Ash win, only to find out he lost, you would kind of expect that line from Anime to be sarcastic... Not trying to be rude, but that's what a lot of people are thinking.

    Anyways, I might as well share my favorite moments of the series.

    -Group dynamic. Clearly, the dynamic between our heroes is fun to watch, regardless of whether or not the characters are annoying you at some times. I'll admit, Bonnie bugged me, but she's been built up as a fun character. Same with Serena and Clemont. Ash is better than ever, so no complaints there.
    -Gym battles. And I mean all of them. While some were better animated than others, they were still fun to watch and see.
    -Serena's character development. The 60th episode of this series is arguably one of the best episodes of the series as a whole because of what it does for Serena as a character. She's blossoming forth into a new world where she needs to step up and avoid the drama. (Which I wish they would've done...)
    -Ash and Greninja. Okay, hands down my favorite part of the series. Not only is it basically Ash's version of a Mega Evolution, but they made Greninja look so awesome when his moveset was just so terrible! Taking out Mega Abomasnow AND Mega Sceptile?! Heck yeah!
    -Ash VS Sawyer. Not the best battle of the series, but definitely the better full battle of the two we have. I'll admit, I would've liked to see more switching around than just Ash plowing through one Pokémon after another, but it was a lot of fun to see.

    I think I'll put the Team Flare Arc up here once it's finished, and I really wanted to put the Ash VS Alain up here. It's not that I'm upset about the result, just at the fact the story ahead could have a better sense of itself if the reverse were to occur.
  3. Lord Trollbias

    Lord Trollbias Y'all Salty Bishes

    Alain beating Ash
  4. Xenon Blue

    Xenon Blue No Hard Feelings

    Alain winning the league. At first I was salty, but now that I'm over it its actually hilarious how it all collapsed.
  5. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Ruler Of The Galaxy

    This. It was a good match to be honest.
  6. NegaiFreak

    NegaiFreak WATER SHURIKEN!

    By the way, stellar animation. Favorite part of the series for sure. And yes, I enjoyed the Ash V Alain match as well, even if the result wasn't my cup of tea.
  7. satopi

    satopi SM Ash is best Ash! All hail Champion Ash!

    Alan's MCX 2KO'd Greninja. Quickest way to faint in the League.
  8. kanrasan

    kanrasan Active Member


    guess what

  9. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    The Evil Malamar episodes. A neat if cheesy villain and two of the best team up moments for the twerps and Team Rocket in the entire show. Especially the second one which had a touching moment in the limelight for Inkay.

    Ash saving Serena from falling down a cliff (well, sort of, sliding down the edge is much better than falling splat anyway), with a cute echoing moment after he injures himself in the process. It seems he can still be her knight in shining armour. Also Team Rocket being the disguised rescue team...and the cooks...exactly how many jobs can they do?

    Priceless. XD

    Last edited: Aug 24, 2016
  10. EvanUn0

    EvanUn0 Active Member

    One moment/episode that really stands out to me was XYZ 28. It's one of my favorite episodes in the entirety of Pokemon, not just in XYZ. I always like the episodes that deal with characters questioning themselves, wondering if their current method of training Pokemon is right or not. I haven't gotten this vibe from an episode since 2009, when Uncrushing Defeat aired. It was a breath of fresh air from the standard "I lost, but at least I had fun" message the show is known for telling it's viewers. While it isn't bad per se, there should be some losses that affect you, that help you change for the better. The scene where Ash helps those Pokemon by camping out in the cave with him made me smile, almost cry. Learning about the original reason why Ash wanted to become a trainer and what he was able to take away from this episode really made Ash come full circle for me. I've always liked his character, but this episode made me go "This guy's pretty good!".
  11. nandermind

    nandermind Active Member

    Metalhead Pikachu

    I won't forget that

    Btw Serena's blush moment can be made into meme lol

    And my most hated moment ; when ash loses against Alan in final

    Far more hate than BW, atleast BW still better than that eps
  12. Janovy

    Janovy Banned

    Okay, I'm gonna go for absolute highlights:

    - Serena's first ever focus episode. That flashback of her meeting Ash is one of the pivotal moments in the series and it was also quite adorable. The focus on the Rhyhorn and learning more about Serena was fun as well.

    - Serena/Ash conversation during the Summer Camp where Ash truly acts like a mentor to Serena. You can feel the genuine friendship between the two and you can really tell that the writers aren't going for obvious shipping bait in this scene. Ash and Serena felt like genuine friends in that scene.

    - Serena cutting her hair as a symbol of major change and character development in episode 60.

    - Serena vs Grace race. Serena admitting she ran away from home because she didn't wanna do Rhyhorn racing.

    - Ash vs Olympia as one of the best battles ever in this anime.

    - Fletchling's evolution episode. The way the episode managed to connect Bonnie and Fletchling in terms of their small size and then actually have that followed up by actual development was amazing.

    - The Terminus Cave episode. Simply amazing, action-packed and tense all the way through.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2016
  13. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Ruler Of The Galaxy

    I liked most of these as well.
  14. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Am I supposed to laugh?"

    The first two episodes.
    Viola's gym episodes.
    Valerie's episode, though Hawlucha's random X-Scissor brings it down.
    The bizarre mirror world episode.
    The bizarre TR cosplaying as the main characters episode.
    Almost the entirety of the third ME special.
    Bonnie thinking Clemont is into Arbok bondage.
    The fact there was an ending to the Korrina arc.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2016
  15. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Ruler Of The Galaxy

    I also liked the Team Rocket and the Serena cross dressing episodes
    and the start of the Team Flare arc so far.
  16. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    That was episode 60? That means it took Serena longer to cut her hair than focusing on showcases. That makes it even more of a waste.

    The mega evolution specials were the highlight of the season, we need more of them for Alola.

    Ash losing and the salt mine was also hilarious.
  17. Lord Trollbias

    Lord Trollbias Y'all Salty Bishes

    Ash vs. Olympia
    Fletchling->Fletchinder Evolution
    Serena-Ash convo. during the Summer Camp
    Espurr Episode
    Terminus Cave
    SME Specials
  18. Opal Pikachu13

    Opal Pikachu13 Well-Known Member

    Fletchinder evolving to Talonflame and taking on Moltres
    Serena dressing up as Ash and battling with Pikachu
    The Pikachu Movie episode with the Cosplay Pikachus
    The Mega Evolution specials
    Korrina's arc with her learning to train Lucario's Mega Evolution
    Pikachu vs Mega Lucario after Korrina perfected Mega Evolution
    Pancham and Chespin's moments, especially during the Squishy's dream episode
    Pancham helping Braixen get a new stick after accidentally breaking the old one
    Pikachu's matches in the Kalos League
    Talonflame vs Unfeazant in the Kalos League
  19. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    All the little chekhovs skill moments with Team Rocket (which also make up many of the few continuity links this series, they've taken a bit of nearly every region here). Like Ash it's done a decent job showing that they've improved in SOMETHING all this time, and in a more gratifying and developed manner than the strange retool in BW.
  20. EeveelutionTrainer

    EeveelutionTrainer Active Member

    Where do I start?

    - Everything about XY002. Amazing episode, especially considering it was one of the first ones for XY.
    - How Serena was introduced gradually and in a non-traditional way compared to other female lead characters
    - Awesome remix of the original theme song for the XY theme song (see the full version on YouTube!)
    - Blaziken Mask. Meyer must have watched some Batman movies cause he definitely nails the Batman persona -- right down to the goofy civilian persona, acting serious in costume, speaking in a gruffer voice, etc.
    - XY010. A funny episode, showcasing that Team Rocket weren't the pushovers they used to be, along with some genuine laughs (Bonnie and Serena stating the TR motto, James yelling "Copyright infringement!", Ash and Clemont completely ignoring Team Rocket while they were saying their motto (finally using the time TR takes for their motto to do something useful), etc.)
    - Serena cutting her hair. First time any major character got a change in appearance during the saga he/she starred in, and it showed Serena's determination to change herself in a way a Pokemon character never did before.
    - The Lumiose City Gym Battle of Ash vs Clemont. It was hyped up throughout the season, and the battle definitely lived up to the hype.
    - Amourshipping. Something never attempted seriously between any two major characters in the past seasons. More than the gags and superficial crush moments, the way amourshipping shows up indirectly and in meaningful conversations between Ash and Serena (like how they worked together in XYZ010 and how Serena had her conversation with Ash in XYZ028) really showed how powerful and great it can be in strengthening a character relationship in a unprecedented manner (for the Pokemon anime at least).
    - Olympia's gym battle
    - The Mega Evolution Specials. All were very well made, Alain and Mairin had a great older brother-younger sister dynamic, both characters were interesting, and it was interesting to see a good character work with people who clearly are bad guys. It gave a little feeling of danger and tension that was often absent in Ash and co.'s goody-goody two shoes adventures.
    - The XYZ (Japanese) theme song.
    - Ash vs Alain (2nd time). Great introduction to the at-the-time shocking fainting of Ash when he overuses Ash-Greninja, a strong fight between Ash-Greninja and Mega Charizard X, and more made this great.
    - Everything about XYZ028. A masterpiece compared to just other Pokemon anime episodes. Even when compared to other anime and animated series, the episode definitely is well-written and excellent episode. Ash and Serena's meaningful and shocking (in a good way) argument (with the words exchanged, the snowballs, etc.), Team Rocket actually being genuinely funny for once, Ash realizing that all this time he was looking at just winning instead of working with his Pokemon after he remembers his childhood, the awesome XYZ remix when Ash-Greninja saves the Spewpa, and the ending scene where Greninja silently tells Ash that Greninja chose and wants to be with Ash no matter what they face. A truly excellent case of "show, not tell."
    - The moment when Ash-Greninja transforms in the league opening match and the crowd goes wild for Ash and Greninja. Ash's confident demeanor plus the crowd going wild really showed just how far Ash had advanced.
    - Ash-Greninja vs Mega Sceptile in the league semifinals. Easily in the top 5 "specific pokemon vs another specific pokemon" battles of all time. Everything, from the epic music, to Ash's and Sawyer's monologues, to the skillfully placed comments of the spectators, to the constant, nonstop, action-packed battle was absolutely amazing.
    - XYZ036 was a great way to set up the Team Flare arc. I liked how they contrasted Lysandre meeting Ash with Sycamore meeting Alain. Plus all the important character interactions.
    - I'm assuming the Team Flare arc episodes will join this list soon as well. XYZ039 was well written with the surprise kidnapping of Ash and constant tension throughout.

    Overall, XY and XYZ's greatest strength was the way the seasons shrugged off so many worn out cliches and stereotypes the Pokemon anime used and tried many new things that were never attempted before in the Pokemon anime. That's why the Team Flare arc and the last couple of episodes for XYZ will be interesting to watch (and why the Ash vs Alain outcome was so disappointing, but I digress).
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2016

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