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Favourite moments of XY(Z)

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by TheScentedApple, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    I'll skip the most obvious moment of the final episode since I'm sure many others can describe it better.

    On a lesser note, while the first half of XYZ handled TR badly, the second half was much better handled. They only did a handful of their usual Pikachu-schemes (most of which were at least more creative and blended into the plot better than the two dozen or so shoehorned ones in the first half), otherwise they were absent altogether to give Ash full focus or in off clock roles that used them rather well (the Flare arc and the public Tripokalon being obvious cases). Perhaps most amusingly, during their last curb stomp a few episodes before the finale, they even lampshaded they didn't really have a chance against Ash's currently overpowered squad, and actually learned to fold 'em, spending the final few episodes doing their own thing and having a new plot to keep in Giovanni's graces until Ash inevitably resets his team in Alola.

    As a result of this, Inkay and Gourgeist also got the cathartic bone throwing of waltzing out of Kalos happily rather than being last seen blasted off like the previous squads.
  2. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris The Dragon / "Dog"

    Oh. Another favorite thing? The season ended.
  3. Power Up

    Power Up ...

    That's complete savageness right there lol

    I loved everything about XY/Z, just wish the writing was on point more times
  4. Honestly I actually liked Serena's kiss from the last episode. I still don't really care much for Amourshipping though.
  5. Mr.Munchlax

    Mr.Munchlax Great Ball Rank Trainer

    One thing I need to applaud XYZ for is that it went an entire series without a proper beach episode, which to me seems pretty mature by normal anime standards.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2016
  6. Soniman

    Soniman Break the Limit

    cant even be positive in the dedicated positivity topic huh? luls
  7. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    Those moments, particularly the river scene at the camp and the snowball scene, are literally the only reason why the ship has something genuine to stand on. All of those tease moments of Serena blushing, the "date" and half *** gift-giving, Ash getting sick and falling on her, and the kiss were nothing more than shipper pandering otherwise.

    XY had some poignant human to human interactions - just needed to be more.
  8. Litleonid

    Litleonid Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna put Serena kissing Ash as one of my favorite moments cause that was just amazing.
  9. Daniel31

    Daniel31 HopingGaryReturns

    TR dropping their Solrock and Lunatone souvenirs when they were rushing to the plane. :p
  10. Janovy

    Janovy Banned

    That was so not subtle, and yet so awesome. Loved it as well.
  11. izmir

    izmir Well-Known Member

    Serena's kiss
  12. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    In fairness you usually had to be forced to be negative in the dedicated negativity topic. :p
  13. DankOverlord

    DankOverlord Komodo Dragons Rule!

    0.000000% Chill
  14. TruthTalker

    TruthTalker Banned

    XYZ Ash was well developed, and a pretty solid character throughout, despite the lack of humor in his personality at times.

    Lysandre was a great villain.

    ...That's about all I've got, honestly...
  15. Caseydia

    Caseydia Ace Trainer

    Atleast you're being honest.:p

    I'll have to say my favorite moments in XY were pretty much the gym battles and gym leaders overall. I felt they were fleshed out better here than in Unova. I hated most of the gyms in Unova but in XY, they did a good job.

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