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Favourite music on game


R/B/Y - The Bike theme for some reason and the Evo-ing music.
G/S/C - Rival Theme
S/R/E - Gym Battle
D/P/Pt - Alot of the town themes.

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I'm assuming this means music from the Mystery Dungeon series as well?

If so, then it would definitely be Mt. Horn's background music, it's...great.


R/B/Y - Route 1, Trainer Battle
G/S/C - Wild Pokemon Battle
R/S/E - Team Magma/Aqua Battle, Regi Battle, Champion Battle
D/P/Pt - Route 209, Mt. Coronet upper floors (reminds me of Disneyland Resort because I was playing over there at the motel trying to catch an Absol), Team Galactic Battle, Dialga/Palkia Battle
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dialga/palkia battle theme, team galactic grunt battle theme, jubilife TV station theme, giratina oriign form battle theme, cynthia battle theme and frontier brain battle theme


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G/S/C Gym Theme
R/S/E Ever Grande City
R/S/E Verdanturf Town
R/B/Y Pallet Town
D/P/Pt Legendary Battle Theme
G/S/C Bike Theme
FR/LG Johto Themes from the Sevii Islands

Crypted Wolf

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Primal Dialgia Battle, Regis theme, Minor B theme, R/S/E Gen Champion, R/B/Y Gen champion and D/P/Ptt Game corner theme.


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R/B/Y Pallet Town (always!), Bike Theme and Elite-4
G/S/C Wild Pokemon in Kanto
R/S/E Verdanturf Town
D/P Dialga/Palkia battle
R/B/Y Blue's Champion theme
G/S/C When you battle one of the "legendary beasts"
R/S/E When you battle one of the "titans"
D/P Spear Pillar's music


Female Wobbuffet???
R/B/Y - Bike theme
G/S/C - Surfing music~!
R/S/E - Underwater Theme
D/P/Pt - Canalave City, Cynthia Introduction Theme (E4), Underground Theme


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Lavender Town.

I do not quite remember any of it, to be honest (I didn't play it with sound, much). XD;;

Rival battle theme.

Battle Frontier theme, and it's not just because I'm obsessed with the Brains. XD