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Favourite Music


The Elite Four Battle and the song inside the Pokemon League.


Yes, I'm still alive
i liked lilycove,evrgrande,and a lot of others,they were all great!


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I've been playing my Sapphire recenctly & have been up around the North-West of Hoenn adventuring, & i've fallen in love parwith the unique Music around this area x)
Route 113 & The Desert come to mind as their Music awes me as they give soo much atmosphere x)


the 'rival' battle was my favorite in the R/S/E games, too bad you can't re-battle him/her as much as you like after you finished the game, i have to gain XP from somewhere.

Absol trainer

Hidden Valley...
The champion music, and the trainer battle music. Those were pretty neat I think.


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Rustboro City, Route 101, Gym Leaders/E4/Champion battle themes are my favorites.


~Draco Rex~
The Team Magma/Aqua battle, Regi battle and Legendary battle themes are my fave :D