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favourite nintendo character

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by sonicpikachu, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. sonicpikachu

    sonicpikachu pika pii!

    I like most of them but what is your favourite nintendo character?
  2. Selfdestruct Togepi

    Selfdestruct Togepi Fangirls Beware!

    Mark me if I'm wrong but has'nt there been a thead like this?
  3. gtaivfan07

    gtaivfan07 Active Member

    I say Mario is my favorite nintendo character. CLASSIC.
  4. -Vulpix-

    -Vulpix- Cynder Kiryah

    Krystal and Ridley are probably my favorite nintendo characters.
  5. Krake

    Krake Flabebe's Kids

    Ridley and Meta Knight are my favorites.
  6. Yoshi. Don't really know why though.
  7. Mark_Chaos

    Mark_Chaos WARP EVOLUTION!

    Mario, gotta love the classics. In close second would be Samus. Third would be Rosalina.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2009
  8. Overheat Hothead

    Overheat Hothead Custom User Title

    Samus. I don't really play Metroid games. I just think she's really attractive.
  9. Mr. Mudkip

    Mr. Mudkip Banned

    I'm surprised no one has said Geno.
  10. mockingjay

    mockingjay swift and lol

    Depends on which games... mostly R.O.B
  11. Zazie

    Zazie So 1991

    Geno is awesome but I beleive he is owned by Square Enix so I am not sure if he counts.

    My favorite is Yoshi but I also like Luigi and Geno if he does count.
  12. Kirby

    Kirby ʘ‿ʘ Staff Member Admin


    Geno, but since he technically isn't a Nintendo character, I vote Mario. Also Kirby and Meta Knight.

    Sorry I have three (after Geno that is) :(!!
  13. ThePokéman09

    ThePokéman09 Well-Known Member

    Either Mario or Yoshi.
    Classics are always good.
  14. Wisest Celebi

    Wisest Celebi Tiny Powerhouse

    Since I tend to keep changing my favorite whenever a new game comes out, my new favorite is now Starfy from The Legendary Starfy.
  15. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Super cute shiny hunter Staff Member Moderator

    Kirby ;) or yoshi
  16. I lold

    By Series:


    Blumiere (Or Count Bleck)
    Francis (Come on, gotta love a stereotypical nerd chameleon)
    Shy Guy
    Tubba Blubba
    Hammer Tropa

    Skull Kid

    Fire Emblem:

  17. Handy?

    Handy? It's that one guy

    Ike. He fights for his friends. He also has a big sword. A very, very big sword.
  18. Emo_Kirlia

    Emo_Kirlia Well-Known Member

    I don't know why but I like FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine.
  19. ~Spacial_Rendation~

    ~Spacial_Rendation~ De Ibwis Twigga!


    I also, for some reason, like Azel from Fire Emblem 4. Maybe because he's a rape child? IDK.
  20. Haunter Hunter Sohrab

    Haunter Hunter Sohrab Johto Champion

    I've gotta choose Bowser.

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