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favourite nintendo character

keyblade bearer 430

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my favorites are mostly Link, Fox Mcloud, Samus Aran are my favorite nintendo characters


Bloody git
Link is my favorite character. That was surprising, huh?


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Falco, Lucario, Squirtle and Conker(well he is not a Nintendo character anymore :() are my favorite characters.


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My favorite nintendo characters include diddy kong,ct. falcon,mawile and a select few that i do not bother to mention.


From Zero To Hero
Paper Mario, Luigi, The Green Lightning, Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, and Fox McCloud.


Mario, King K. Rool, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Luma, Dialga, Palkia, Wario, Bald Bull, and Bear Hugger.


that egg laying male dinosaur called yoshi. it is as logic as hitting with a penis on a drumset but yeah he's cool.

Selfdestruct Togepi

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Legend of Zelda - Midna
Mario series - Fawful
Mother - Lucas
Starfox - Andross (honestly, who doesn't like a giant floating monkey head with 2 detached floating hands?)


Team Rocket's Enemy
My favorites from some of Nintendo's series are:

Mario - Mario

Legend of Zelda - tie between Link and Midna

Metroid - Samus Aran

Kirby - Meta Knight

Mother - Ness

Pokemon - Mewtwo (especially in the anime)


What happened?
My favorite Nintendo characters are :

Felix from Golden Sun. I want to have a brother like him.

Mew from Pokemon. Can transform to any Pokemon, plus Mew is so cute.

Pikachu. Don't know why yet...:(


It's a mystery.
Ehhh...I suppose my favorites are as follows: Link, Princess Zelda, Toadette, Princess Rosalina, Jirachi, Sky Forme Shaymin, Kirby, (and too many others to list). But actually, the Hero of Time is my overall top favorite of all time. ^-^;