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favourite nintendo character


I liek mudkipz
Luigi... or Yoshi.


proffesor layton

scene 29:

'luke. get out of the tower!'

'but professor! what will happen to you??'



<3 Games Section
I'll give my top 5
5. most pokemon!
4. Meta Knight!
3. Bowser!!!!
2. Mudkip/Swampert/Gengar/Charizard-Highly awesome pokemon
1. highlite-> <(-_-)> kirby!
Samus, hands down. XD Hot babe, great games with a pretty decent storyline. (You have to really look for the storyline though as some of the games are kinda brainless. >_<; ) And Metroid Prime was one of the prettiest games I have ever played. I LOVE going to Tallon IV Overworld and just looking at it. lol. The background music just mystifies me and it's always hazy just like Washington where I live. So... I guess I'm really more into the game series then into the character. >_<;


"Vas up!I'm Bruno!"
I gre up playing zelda, so I'ma say link.