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Favourite Pokemon Battle EVER?


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Sorry if this belongs in the Pokepolls discussion though but their is ALOT of gym leaders,elite four,champions and boss battles so it would be hard enough to list all of them.
Well what is your favourite Pokemon battle. This includes every battle if its a:
Legendary Battle
Gym leader battle
Champion and elite four battle
Boss battle (in other words Red,N,Ghetias,Colress)
There is so many to pick but the choice is yours!
Well what was your favourite pokemon battle ever?
Mine has to be between Red,Cynthia,N,Colress but I cant choose yet.
You can list reasons though why you think that battle is the best for you.


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In the anime it'd have to be the big battle in the First Movie (still the greatest Pokemon movie)

In the game it'd have to be the PWT battle with Red. Ah, my heart pounds whenever I verse him! :D


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Legendary Battle?
Ho-Oh and Lugia in Silver/Gold/Crystal Respectively. Those were the hardest to catch aside from Mewtwo. Probably because they knew RECOVER, gosh that was a pain.
Leader Battle?
I love them all, but the FR/LG Theme Song is the best imo.
Elite Four?
C'mon guys, Steven is badass right?
Colress, his theme is awesome and he's actually pretty tough.
Either that or Red in Crystal, his team is seriously hard and the theme is awesome, also "..."


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Legendary Battle: Have to be Mewtwo, he is so epic.

Gym leader battle: Probly be against Blaine on FireRed aince it was a long back and forth battle against him, But Charizard and Nidoking provailed in the end.

Boss: Red all the way, he's the best there is.


Thou enraged?
Legendary Battle
- The Weather Trio. I just HATE how they kept using Rest, but that made them more challenging which added to the fun.

Gym leader battle
- Anyone in the PWT. My heart pounds whenever I do.

Champion and elite four battle
- Probably the Unova league and Iris. You can challenge them in any order and with the same level. As for Iris, facing her team is just... great.

Boss battle (in other words Red,N,Ghetias,Colress)
- Red of course. The best trainer I could ever face in Pokémon as of now.


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I feel so great after I beating the Rival of Firered/Leafgreen in the Champion battle. I imagine every time I start to walk out of the Champion room me saying "Smell ya later" to my Rival! Pay backs! xD


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I'm going to be the cheesy one, and say the first pokemon battle I've ever had. Which was against the wild poocheyena that tried to maul Prof.Birch with the Mudkip I still have as a Swampert today...... THE MEMORIES!!!!!!


C'mon guys, Steven is badass

Agreed. Steven is badass.
Favorite anime battle... Darkrai, Dialga, and Palkia's battle in the Rise of Darkrai. Easily.

Red was probably my favorite battle in the games. He was actually a challenge.


Liger Zero!!!
Champion: Blue from Fire Red, the music is awesome and you finally get to beat that smug jerk

Boss: N from B/W, the Legend vs Legend is pretty cool

Other: Tag battles with Barry and Hugh, I always try to one up them lol

Gym Leader: again Blue from HG, his all Kanto team vs My all Johto team

Legendary: Swords of Justice, the intro gets me everytime
Legendary Battle:
Black Kyurem

Gym Leader:
I'd say Norman in Emerald.

Elite Four:
The Unova E4

Wallace. Beat him on the first go.

Red. Red everywhere.


Sinnoh Master
Legendary battle:
Ho-Oh in HG, DAT theme! Also it's hard to catch.

Gym leader:
Blue in HG





I'm back :3
I liked to battle with volkner. singled him with a level 30 trapinch. Ah, the good times


Sinnoh Champion
Cynthia. For the music and the roflstomps with underleveled teams and 25 Revival Herbs. Also, the sentence 'I can't remember the last time I was driven into a corner like this' (she must have a bad memory; I repeatedly beat Cynthia several times in a row with a cheated Lv.100 team...)