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Favourite Serebii forum Skin?


Tsun in the streets
Dark Type. It doesn't burn my eyes.


Fire breathing moth
I'm alright with the default skin. Though I must ask one noobish question:
How do I change the skin?


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Dragon type.


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I like to use the standard, Serebii.net V9.0, skin. I might try out a few of the others again and see if they suit, but for the moment, I'll stick with this.


not bad
Serebii V9.0

guys i'm just so acustomed to it don't judge me

Thanks :D

Can't decide between the GSC skin or Dark types. I'm gonna say Dark type.

Actually, it's also at the bottom if you're just on a thread like this.


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I didn't even know there were different skins. @_@ Time to try out a bunch and come back... I like the default so far though.


Tropius Rocks!
Colosseum skin all the way!


Ace Trainer
A Mighty Skin.

Heck I didn't even know this site had different skins, I found out by accident ^^; Though I like the default skin, celebi is a cool legendary period, but I love the Dragon Skin far more =) And I have kept it Dragon Skin and have no plans in the near future to change it. Though I wish it was red like Salamance's wings, instead of camo green... But I'm not complaning, just stating a point of opinion.

I wonder if they will add more in the future (*-*) ?


not present
I just stick to the default green. I experimented with a few other skins awhile back, but I never stuck with them long enough to get used to them.


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I like the Ghost Skin lol... I also like Happy Style. o.o


No longer posting
The Water Type Pokemon skin, and the default green one.

Those seem to match me very well :D