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Favourite Sinnoh fossil Pokemon?

Which Sinnoh fossil Pokemon line is your favourite?

  • Cranidos/Rampardos

    Votes: 16 88.9%
  • Shieldon/Bastiodon

    Votes: 2 11.1%

  • Total voters


Call of Fate
Generation IV has introduced a pair of fossil Pokemon: Cranidos, which is revived from the Skull Fossil, and Shieldon, which is revived from the Armour Fossil. Which line is your favourite? Please remember not to spam and explain your choice a bit.


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Definitely Cranidos. I remember I automatically liked it when it first came out. One of the best dino pokemon.


Rampald [Rampardos] is my favorite, although I have to admit that I dislike its D/P sprite: the Platinum one is much better. I'm quite neutral when it comes to the other Shinou [Sinnoh] Fossil Pokemon.


Call of Fate
I greatly prefer the Cranidos line, as I like their looks, huge Attack stats, and both of their Abilities. Bastiodon, on the other hand, was the only fossil Pokemon I actually disliked, until they have introduced the Galarian fossils.


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I like Ramparados more, it’s fun spamming head smash with it. With a choice band it does a disgusting amount of damage. But I prefer its design too, looks more dinosaur like compared to Bastiodon who looked awkward to me with its plate face


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Normally I would have said Rampardos because of that crazy high attack stat, but I actually used a Bastiodon in a team (non-competitive) before and the experience made me warm up to him.


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I think Shieldon's the cutest of the lot, but Bastiodon is one of the ugliest fossil Pokemon to me. I'd rather use Rampardos over Bastiodon. :[


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For me I prefer Rampardos. Bastiodon is harder to use as its offensive stats are lacking but its defensive move options are also lacking. Rampardos is easier to use as its an attacker with decent attacking moves. I'd like to see both of these fossils get a buff if i'm honest.


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I prefer Rampardos but it is closer than I expected it to be since in the last couple of years I've been using a Bastiodon in Pokemon GO's Great League and I gained a lot of appreciation for it since then.


I like them both but at the end of the day I'd give the edge to Cranidos and Rampardos because of two reasons: 1) they're just rock-type and 2) the dinosaur species they take inspiration from.


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I like both of them and have used them both at some point in my playthroughs. Definiely don't prefer one over the other because they're both cool.

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Darn I voted for the Shieldon Line, so I guess I'm in the minority. I use Bastiodon a lot in Go.

I don't think have any qualms against Cranidos and Rampardos, I only wish that were made into Rock/Normal types just to mix in some variety.


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Out of Sinnoh i prefer the Cranidos line. But on average no fossil has been great except Kabutops.

sidenote Dracozolt does look funny since it always seems to laugh.
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