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Favourite Six Pokemon/Dream Squad?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Shuckle, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. Shuckle

    Shuckle Guest

    Well, yeah. What's your favourite six Pokemon? I picked six 'cause, y'know, that's how many you can have in your party. Any reason they're your favourite? Well, I've taken tiem to think, and mine are:

    1. Shuckle (Well this one's kinda more like a zero, I love it so much...Since I first saw him in G/S, like, 5 years ago, he has been MINE. Long live Shuckle)
    2. Munchlax (Ooo how I love that chubby little git...Ever since SPP revealed him way back then, he shot right up to my second fave)
    3. Perap (It has a MUSICAL NOTE for a HEAD. And it's BLUE. What more could you possibly ask for in a bird?)
    4. Mantine (You big blue sponge, you. Mantine pwns. I mean, c'mon, it has a Remoraid for a homeboy. You gotta respect that. Plus, it's a big manta ray, lol)
    5. Hikozaru (Monkey!!! It's a friggin' Monkey! An orange Monkey with it's BUTT on fire! You gotta have faith in the little noob! er, yeah, he's been my favourite if the three D/P starters since they were revealed)
    6. Armaldo (Well, this spot is kinda shifting all the time, but now that I know Armaldo learns Scissor Cross, it is 6th. I alwyas liked it, it's awesome, and the best fossil IMO, but with this move, it rocks more. And is the same typing as Shuckle o_O Funkeh)

    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 5, 2006
  2. AJ Flibble

    AJ Flibble Emohawk

    Something like:

    Machamp, who has been a favourite of mine since as long as Pokemon's been around.
    Umbreon, the first GSC Pokemon I fell in love with and still am.
    Jibacoil, something that strikes me as awesome.
    PorygonZ, a strong Pokemon that makes an already cool line better.
    Kingdra, a more humble, but badass dragon.
    Victreebel, another old favourite. Carniverious plant ftw.

    Last edited: Oct 22, 2006
  3. ~Bent~

    ~Bent~ awhups

    The other five Nidos

    Just because.
  4. KingBoo1

    KingBoo1 The Pokémon Weaver

    Typhlosion, goes back to my Crystal roots
    PorygonZ, I absolutely love the Porygon line and have been waiting to get one without Game Corner hassles
    Jirachi, my first ever promotional legend (it helped me crush the Elite Four the first time 'round!)
    Castform, it just can be so helpful at times
    Umbreon, very powerful for me
    Enpeturo, Water and Steel are very nice types to have
  5. Draken

    Draken Well-Known Member

    Enparuto (My fav starter in games)
    Mukuhawk (It can uses Fly and Wing Attack what more can i say)
    Rentora (It`s a cool Pokemon to have in your Team)
    Rampard (It`s hard head will make you want it in your team)
    Lucario (One of the best Pokemon i have seen lately)
    Monjumbo (Tangela evo is funny looking but it has good moves)
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2006
  6. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    Six Sneasels. *beams*

    Or if i'm feeling diverse I will use my top 6 Pokemon...

    Sneasel, who in my opinion is the best Pokemon in existance and has been since December 2000, where I quickly grew obsessed with the darling. Like I was ever going to leave Sneasel out of my team...
    Persian, one of my first favourite Pokemon before Sneasel's arrival and who was the original Slashing Demoness.
    Misdreavus, a complete cutie with now has one butt-ugly and pointless evolution. Hail the original Perish Trapper with screeching attitude.
    Cradily, the best fossil Pokemon around. Unique typing, ability and movepool to stall the Hell out of everyone... oh yes, Cradily owns.
    Rentoraa, my favourite D/P Pokemon by miles... I cannot wait to raise one of my own when I get my own copy of Pokemon Pearl. Elemental fangs for the win.
    Gyarados, simply for just liking the Pokemon. All the defending I have done over its typing has made me raise a few and made me like them more than I did.
  7. OtterPops

    OtterPops Mareep!

    1. Mareep (and the rest of the family)- Around the time Vyksta saw Sneasel, I was at a book store looking at the new Pokemon (Johto) in a coloring book. I flipped through the pages and saw a sheep with a gem on its tail and I instantly fell in love with it. Once a got Gold a few months later, I caught the first Mareep I saw at the route below Violet and it became my favorite. <3

    2. Floatsel- I was always hoping for a sea otter-ish Pokemon, and I finally got one. :) (But for some reason its called a sea WEASEL) I love its design and it willbe my powerhouse in D/P.

    3. Alakazam- My only level 100 on my Red version. I ditched Charmander for Abra (accidentaly released my Charmander) and it became my best Pokemon. I defeated my cousin's whole team with it, and I wasn't even as experienced as him

    4. Vaporeon- Favorite eeveelution and always will be. It looks graceful and I loved it ever since I saw it on Stadium.

    5. Rapidash- The first Pokemon I ever saw (that racing episode). I thought it was the coolest Pokemon ever when it beat Dodrio (my 10th fav) in that race.

    6. A lot of things would fit here, but I'd have to say Feraligatr. It was a monster in Gold, and a partner to Ampharos. The only starter I really liked out of all the generations (second is Typhlosion and third is Meganium).

  8. Kimori

    Kimori Feel my soul

    These are just my top favorites, listed in no particular order;

    Charizard - Charmander was my first Pokemon ever, so yeah, I'm really attached to my Charizard I raised in LG. ^^
    Shedinja - The coolest looking bug Pokemon. EVER. :D I also like it for it's original ability.
    Skitty - My favorite Pokemon. ^^ I like it because of it's cute, cat-like, pink appearance. I mostly just use it in contests, because I can not decide on a very good moveset for it (or Delcatty) in battle. );
    Salamence - My favorite Dragon Pokemon. Has a wicked appearance, and it was pretty easy for me to decide a decent moveset for it to use in teh Battle Frontier.
    Korobooshi - Another cool looking bug Pokemon. I'm really excited to raise it once I can afford D/P. :)
    Corsola - My favorite G/C/S Pokemon. I have one at lv. 63 in Emerald, unfortunately, it's not EV trained very well. D:

    @ Shuckle: I love your description of Milotic! XD
  9. Fighting Dark Man

    Fighting Dark Man Everyone's Nightmare

    Gosh, I don't know. The six in my TC won't be in my dream squad because I have two dark types and two flying types in there and I don't like duplicate types on my teams. I am such a collector that there are so many that I like, of course I have my least favorites like everyone else. But if I coud actually win with Sneasel, Heracross, Gligar, Lugia, Umbreon, and Suicune then that would be my dream squad.
  10. Shuckle

    Shuckle Guest

    Well I don't necessarilly mean Pokemon you can win with, lol. I go for my faves in my teams. Not big strong NOOBS like Metagross and Salamence.

    Though Salamence looks cool.
  11. CaptainBrain

    CaptainBrain Continuum

    1: Bulbasaur (he was my favorite starter of all time since I first laid my seven year old eyes on him.)

    2: Altaria (It's a singing bird that can use Ice Beam, what's not to love?)

    3: Marowak (It's just cool)

    4: Erureido (I just love it)

    5: Bunyatto (it's a fat lazy cat, that evolves from my fave cat ever)

    6: Sneasel, Weavile, or Absol (they are all just cool)
  12. Loupgarou

    Loupgarou <--will be mine

    Hmmm...kind of tough question...

    Arcanine--it started my poke-craze!
    Raikou--Best-and-coolest-electric-type-ever (in my opinion, anyways)
    Mew--my first legal event legend! And what I was for Halloween several years back...
    Now it gets tough..........
    Venusaur or Bayleef--my two favorite grass-types of all time
    Porygon2 or Persian--my two best normal types
    Nidorino, Umbreon, or Absol--other top faves
  13. Rashdan

    Rashdan [Insert Wacky Title]

    Dragonite, really strong, and a great Pokemon to have. It's also and incredibly fast flier.
    Blastoise, being my favourite starter, and I like this one more than any other.
    Umbreon, I love the look of it, and it's dark and mysterious, like I could sometimes be.
    Pidgeot, for a long time now, I've liked pidgeot because it's the best looking of all Flying type pokemon. And it's one of the biggest.
    Deoxys (speed form), This guy reflects my style. I usually go with speed over brute strength, and I find it the best strategy, because with a high speed, you can get in more attacks as opposed to a slower pokemon, within a short period of time.
    Mewtwo/Mew, the two strongest pair in the game, what with Mew's ability to learn every TM. Mewtwo has always fascinated me, considering how it is portrayed in the movies.

    That's my dream team. There's, ofcourse, one type missing...

    Crobat, ever since I saw Brock's Golbat evolve, I've loved this one. It's quite big, good looking, and the four wings make it seem intimidating. That, combined with its incredible speed - since it's my favourite stat - makes it a good replacement of Pidgeot.

    And, another that I conveniently missed ...

    Hitmontop, as opposed to the other hitmon's, this one, despite its size, is a good one to have. The smaller you are, the more agile, and faster you can dodge attacks. My most favourite fighting type to date.

    The last two can be switched in for any of the 6 in my dream team.

    XD those strategy won't work in the game obviously, but atleast it's true in the anime.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2006
  14. miiche~

    miiche~ bbb

    Manectric: I just love the way they improved on Jolteon with this pokemon (you have to admit its resemblance). It's a nice proud pokemon with decent enough stats for a casual trainer like me

    Gengar: a super rad pokemon that looks better than haunter 8)

    Marowak: The power! And also the class

    Dewgong: No idea really, I just like it

    Flareon: by no means the best fire pokemon, its the only one that looks worthy of the average trainer (eg, no normal trainer could tame a charizard/typhlosion, blaziken and the monkey look bad, and the rest are all slow, or malformed duck things, or too evil and silly)

    metagross: gotta have one super duper OTT pokemon ;)
  15. Nyarumacat

    Nyarumacat ...................

    1. Definitely Nyaruma!!!
    2. Probably Lucario because I have a thing for Egypt
    3. Scyther, My first fav pokemon ever!
    4. Bulbasaur- Venasaur because that's the pokemon I am on Red Rescue Team
    5.Cyndaquil-Typhlosion my partner on Red Rescue Team
    6.Noctowl, my third best on my Rscue Team
  16. kaydon_esker

    kaydon_esker Dark Type Trainer


    1) Absol: Dark is my favourite type. When I was travelling in Ruby, I saw Absol and just gawped at it. Since then I realized it was a great Pokemon.
    2) Mareep Line: An electric sheep that evolves into Ampharos! I really liked Ampharos when I saw it at the Olivene Lighthouse.
    3) Blastoise: I started Blue with a Charmander, but traded for a Squirtle and never regretted it.
    4) Mew: It's soo cute! And it can learn every attack! And did I mention it's cute?
    5) Typhlosion: Coool.
    6) Aipom: I recently saw him in the Emerald Safari Zone and really liked the little monkey.
  17. Hupla

    Hupla Well-Known Member

  18. [[RedMagic]]

    [[RedMagic]] Pokemon Breeder

    1. Blazeiken- I always loved fire pokemon but by a mile he is the best! (Emerald version- Lvl. 79). Blazekin looks awesome and learns awesome moves on its own too!
    2. Feraligater- I've actually never had one before but I just randomly started to like him
    3. Sceptile- Sceptile was one he eventually grew on me. I liked him a littl eat first, then once I used him a bit he is very good and looks cool too.
    4. Charzard- Charzard was my original favorite back when I played red and blue in kindergarten.
    5. Haunter- Haunter was always so cool! I never wanted to evolve him inot a fat imp named Gengar.
    6. Delacatty- Delacatty and Flareion are the only two pokemon I use in Pokemon XD. Delacatty dosent really learn any good moves on its own but it can learn alot from TM's
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2006
  19. Grass Guardian

    Grass Guardian Rags to Riches

    *Insert six Grass pokemon*
    But, like Vycksta, to be more diverse.

    1) Bulbasaur: (Love his evos too, of course) In my eyes he is just the cutest little thing that ever set foot on four legs in the pokemon world! He is just... Gah! He's just great! And Ash's Bulbasaur was by far my favorite character on the show. I've seen all his episodes and cheered in all his moments.
    Ash's Bulbasaur>>>>Ash's Sceptile

    2) Chikorita: (Her evos as well- Meganium= love)For almost the same reason as Bulbasaur. I remember when I first laid eyes on her. It was eight years ago in the fourth grade and this kid comes in with a little book that showed a picture of all the brand new Jhoto pokemon. I saw Chikorita and it was love at first sight. I got Gold and picked her without even looking at the other starters and was delighted to find that she was a little female. I loved that Meganium so much that the thought of sticking her in the PC was downright absurd and I never did it. I never started a new game and I kept that file around for years until one day- the inner battery died and now I can't even restart the game with a new Chikorita. Rest In Peace, Meganium.

    3) Rapidash: This is the greatest, most beautiful, most worthwhile fire pokemon in existance. She, along with Blaziken, Torkoal, and Arcanine, are the only pokemon of the fire type that I hold respect for. And now with the god-send of the physical and special split in D/P, she can now put up much more of a fight. She now can make use of her fire type and her impressive attack power all together with Flare Drive and Flame Wheel. Her move pool has really opened up now. (Iron Tail, Return, Flame Wheel, Poison Stab, Will-o-Wisp! You could stick a Choice Band on her!) Now she's tough and beautiful!

    4) Gyarados: Man he's cool. Ever since Milotic came around he's been kind of snuffed, but I still adore him and use him any chance I get. Now, again thanks to D/P he can make use of his STAB and his awesome attack power. His Physical movepool has opened up a bit, but I still see Taunt-Rados sticking around. At least now he's a little more unpredictable and he's got enough phsycial moves for a Choice Band, but I doubt that'll catch on. He's a better Dragon Dancer. I also find him very beautiful indeed. He's a perfect mirror image of a Chinese dragon or a mythical sea beast. He wears a look on his face that clearly says, "Back the **** off." If he were a real creature, his body would be a mass of raw muscle, powering him through the waves. He's got a sense about him that I can only describe as "beautifully dangerous," not unlike a Poison Dart Frog or a rare, snowy-white tiger.

    5) Kingdra: *Adopts Peter Griffan voice* My god he's freaken sweet!
    Kingdra is the kind of pokemon that no one will ever know his true potential until they give him a shot with trial and error. In the Battle Frontier, I used him more than any other pokemon. He's won me so many battles and I just don't understand how anyone can put him down as a mediocre battler. Sure he's not your generic, used to death Starmie, but he still holds himself quite well with Rain Dance in play. He's also quite beautiful with a look about him that says, "What you think of me is none of my concern." I just love him!

    6) Tauros: This was a hard spot to pick as I have many favorites, but Tauros just wins. I was never able to catch one back in R/B/Y and I always wanted to, but now I have quite a few and they're all named after top rank PBR bulls. He finally gets Rock Slide, but at the loss of HP Ghost. It's a shame he doesn't know Megahorn, but what are you gonna do? He's still a great pokemon with a look about him (Yes, again one of these) that clearly says the old saying, "You've messed with the bull- now here come the horns!"

    Respectable mentions to Jolteon, Vaporeon, Rydon, Aerodactyle, Gardevoir, Crobat, and Naetoru line, Breloom, Exeggutor, Tropius, and Ludicolo.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2006
  20. ~Lance~

    ~Lance~ Halo addict

    1.) Absol. It is soo cool and when I saw it in Emerald (My first step into the grass on route 120) I was just like woah. It's won me a lot of battles in the battle frontier.

    2.) Rentoraa. I dunno why, but it fricking PWNZ0RZ lol.

    3.) PorygonZ. Yayness for Porygon line, its gonna be used!

    4.) DragonAIR. Not Dragonite. Ever since saw Lance's Dragonair in Blue, Ive been like " HOLY $%&#!" Dragonite is a fat bag of crap.

    5.) Arcanine. Because I said.

    6.) Ummm... Eruido! (SP?) Because male Gardevior makes me emo.

    Honorable mentions to the pokes in my sig and Yonuwaaru.

    ~Lance~ out​
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