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Favourite starter pokemon!?

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I Am Zora!
So out of All the pokemon starters, which is your favourite?


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My favorite will always and forever be TOTODILE :) Back in the GSC days, I chose him after I figured out how to save the game (I chose Cyndaquil on my previous unsaved file). And for reason, he became my #1. I also think Ash's Totodile had to do with my general liking for Totodile.
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Treeko, hands down. I love the design of Sceptile, I find it's relatively high speed useful in casual playthroughs and just have a lot of good memories with the line in general.


I Am Zora!
Yeah I like sceptile too. Hes got the speed. But tbh I cant decide what my favourute is yet DX


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Sorry, this belongs to Pokepoll, and we already have a Starter thread in Pokepoll :)

You can even talk about starters in the Favorite Pokemon thread ;)
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