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Favourite Unova Elite Four Member

Which Unova Elite Four did you like the best?

  • Shauntal

    Votes: 15 21.4%
  • Grimsly

    Votes: 18 25.7%
  • Caitlin

    Votes: 30 42.9%
  • Marshal

    Votes: 7 10.0%

  • Total voters
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Canada Connoisseur
Shauntal, because she's a writer and wears glasses like me. And also, ghosties! ^_^

Caitlin is cool too, I like her design and style. She was in Platinum before she was elevated to a Unova Elite 4 member, am I correct?

Mrs. Oreo

I like Grimsley the most out of the four due to his gambler theme and because I like Dark-types. He's cool. :cool:
I didn't know he was supposed to be a gambler, but I liked his design at least. Honestly his team was ok for the most part, although I wish he had owned a Mandibuzz cuz no other trainer owned one in Black and White.
I'll pick Caitlin, although she wasn't very interesting. She had a pretty design and a good solid team of Psychic-types though, and anything's better than Marshal. :x


Well-Known Member
I would definitely pick Caitlin. The transition from Sinnoh/Johto Frontier Brain to Unova E4 is really interesting and raises some questions about how a region's League is organized and built. Namely, what qualifies one as an Elite Four member? Did she go through the League challenge herself at some point in her travels through Unova, or was she appointed by someone? The fact that her "promotion" (if it can be called that - I'm not sure E4 members have a higher status than Brains) brought up these questions makes her super interesting to me.

Beyond that, however, I think that her type specialty and her specific team composition is pretty cool, and I would have preferred her over the other three to some extend regardless. She's a little more mysterious as a character and the Psychic type is one of my personal favorites. Her character design is pretty good, too. Overall she's one of my favorite E4 members from generations IV through VI, which I felt had less memorable E4 characters overall.
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I find it funny that Grimsley is 3rd out of 4 on this list of popularity yet he's the Unova elite four member coming back :p

Also, Shauntal says this:
'The Trainer's thoughts joined with the Pokémon's mind, and a lustrous Aqua Ring unfurled...'
Which to me references Ash-Greninja. Who technically owns Ash-Greninja in Sun/Moon? The player. It would make more sense for her to be there than Grimsley, especially as this reference is unlikely to be about Ash as a) he isn't in the games and b) he never met Shauntal in the anime.

Unless... unless we get a Shauntal cameo somewhere in the game?
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Caitlin for me, i love her lazy attitude and she doesn't even bother to battle and just want to finish it quickly so she can continue her sleep XD


Caitlin. I already liked her and Darach in Gen IV, but I didn't think much of it. Seeing her again in Gen V was a nice surprise and it kinda made me like her even more.

Cat's Eye Draco

Well-Known Member
Grimsley and Shauntal, because I really liked their rematch teams and the design of their "rooms"; Shauntal's was delightfully eerie with the haunted house look and random thunderstorm going on outside, and I loved the way that the torches would light themselves in Grimsley's chambers as the escalator carried you up. :D
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The Procrastination Sensation Sweeping The Nation
None of the Elite Four from Unova really appealed to me, I guess Grimsley was the coolest design-wise in my opinion and Shauntal had the whole spooky-author thing going which was nifty. Marshal was forgettable and Caitlin was eh, nothing too special. None of them were particularly challenging either, was rather disappointing. But based on design I'd say Grimsley and Shauntal character-wise, sort-of.


Active Member
I chose Caitlin. I can't pinpoint why, but I found her to be the most memorable of the gang. Something about the way you walk in on one of her naps...


Caitlin and Shauntal. However, Caitlin is ahead by far.

Mrs. Oreo

I'll pick Caitlin, although she wasn't very interesting. She had a pretty design and a good solid team of Psychic-types though, and anything's better than Marshal. :x
Caitlin's ok with me, although it's a shame that she was shown all alone without Darach in the Unova games cuz he was like her butler in Gen 4. And Marshal's not so bad from my perspective. He had a neat design, tho his team always gave me trouble ha ha.


I liked Caitlin the most since her room was elegant, and to me in terms of E4 difficulty, it went like this: Caitlin > Marshal > Grimsley > Shauntal.
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