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Favourite video game series


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Star Wars Battlefront
Call of Duty

I really don't tend to play much of particular series, I sorta pick and choose random games.


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Pokémon, Half-Life and Portal.
I don't know why I love Pokémon, I just always have since I was a kid. But I love Half-Life for its immersiveness and story and Portal for its uniqueness and also story.
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My fav Video Game series. (not in order)

- Pokémon
- The Elder Scrolls
- Call of Duty (Just the Treyarch ones)
- Half-Life
- Mother/Earthbound

Born Better

God of Lightning
Pokemon(no *censored*)
Gears of War
Megaman Battle Network
DBZ pre ultimate tenkaichi
Smash Bros.
Legend of Zelda
Sonic( even 06)
Spider-Man movie games

Honorable mention-
SMT( would be in favorites, but haven't played enough to add it just yet)
Halo( too online centric, but still good)
BlazBlue(only really played CS. Didn't spend a lot of time on CT)
The rest of the Megaman franchise(same as smt)
Yugioh( duelist of roses is one of my all time favorite games, but this is series, not individual games)
TMNT(03 game is another all time fave,but same as above)
Tales(great, but it's just missing something)


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The Kid Icarus franchise has always been a favorite of mine. But otherwise, LucasArts Games, Persona Franchise, Pokemon and Conkers Bad Fur Day were all favorites.
Call of Duty
Assassin's Creed

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
Fallout. I've played pretty much every Fallout game out there from start to finish, and was looking forward to Fallout Online before they pulled the plug on it. The only one I haven't actually completed was Fallout 2, though I did make it to the Enclave oil platform. Don't know why I never got around to finishing it when I got that far.

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series is also really good and I've enjoyed all three of those games pretty thoroughly. Best is definitely Call of Pripyat.

Peter Quill

I suppose my current forumset reflects one of my favourite series pretty well. I really enjoy the Mass Effect games from Bioware. I'm not usually ok with first person shooters but Mass Effect is just so much more than that imo. I've never seen such an immersive galaxy and impressive characters.

Another series I really enjoy is Fire Emblem, but that's Nintendo.


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My favorites would be this.
Nintendo-wise... Pokemon (as well as PMD), The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart.
Non-Nintendo-wise... Touhou Project, Soul Calibur.


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Right now I am loving Fallout, but deep in my heart, Mass Effect is my favorite series. This is of course, not including Nintendo titles.


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Well, let's see here. Most games I play aren't really story driven (or at least you, the player, create the story yourself), so there aren't many really story heavy series I've played (though I'd probably still enjoy them), but here's what I can think of right now:

-Pokémon (no explanation needed, really)

-Star Wars: Battlefront (my favourite shooter by far)

-Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (though I'm not the biggest fan of the second game, they really should've finished it properly)

-Monster Hunter (I'll be honest, I've only played 3U for the 3DS, but I just love the idea of smashing giant dragons in the face with a hammer)

-Mount and Blade (haven't played it all too much lately, but it's been a game I had been looking for for ages...just running around on a horse, swinging around your sword, just great)

-Civilization (never played the first two games, but I did play a lot of the later three ones)

-Crusader Kings (there exists not a single game in the world that can make you as evil as this one..."Hrm, my heir's blind? Well, time for him to have a little accident on these lovely stairs. I'm sure no one will notice.")

-Victoria (Oh boy, even after playing it for 78 hours (according to Steam) I still barely know what I'm doing while playing this game. It's insanely complex (though not nearly as insanely hard as Hearts of Iron), but at the same time incredibly rewarding. I remember when I found out you didn't need to use ships anymore to cross the English Channel...my game as France just became a whole lot easier. I think I still ended up abandoning that game because I was attacked by just about all of the large world powers...)

-Europa Universalis (by far my favourite PC series (and even if I were to count all series, only Pokémon would rank higher on my list), and the one I've probably clocked the most hours in. Sadly, Steam hasn't recorded the larger part of it due to me using mods, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were well over 500 hours)

Especially the last three I've listed are games I really love, and I'd regard them (as well as any other Grand Strategy game by Paradox Interactive) as some of the best and deepest games in existence.


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Let's see...I have more than 1 fav game I guess. They're:

Shin Megami Tensei 4
Person 3 & 4
Kingdom Hearts
Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I think that's all of them :3


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Here are my top 4 video game series:

Sonic (My main favorite franchise.).

Pokemon (Hilda, Rosa, Yancy & Serena FTW :3!).

Fire Emblem (Awakening is my no. 1 fave game of All Time tied with Sonic 2 & Super Mario World!).

Super Mario (The franchise that made me a Gamer, beginning with Super Mario All-Stars :D!).

My other favorites:

Street Fighter.

Mortal Kombat.

NiGHTS Into Dreams.

Castlevania (I recently bought Dracula X Chronicles for my PSP, and I really like Rondo of Blood & Symphony of the Night.).

Phantasy Star.


Smash Bros.

Little Big Planet.

Crash Bandicoot.

Spyro the Dragon.

Virtua Fighter.

Mega Man.

Streets of Rage.


Eternal Champions (An obscure fighting game from Sega.).

Golden Axe.

Alex Kidd.

Pac Man.