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Favourite video game series


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I've mostly played on DS games as of late. I enjoy the Pokemon series (duh!), Sonic & Mario.
Since somebody mentioned, I was a big fan of Roller Coaster Tycoon too. Until my computer was too weak to play the more advanced ones.
Other computer games that come to mind are NFS & the Free Bird Games.


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*Sigh* I guess I can make a top ten list. From least favorite to most favorite video game series.


9.Street Fighter/Darkstalkers/Soul Caliber

8.Assassins Creed



5.Resident Evil


3.Fire Emblem

2.Final Fantasy

1.Mass Effect

Of course this list contains my favorite video game series and my favorite video games may not necessarily be part of aforementioned video game series.
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Pokemon, Kirby, and, Kingdom Hearts are the three i seem to keep up with the most for now at least lol

So i'm going with these....not sure which one's my favorite out of them, since they're all pretty great in my book XD


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1. Mario - He's provided 3 games that all take a place in the best games ever made. Both Galaxy games and 3D world are truly brilliant and stuff like NSMBWii and Mario Kart have given solid experiences on the side. The first Galaxy game in particular was what vaulted me into the gaming world. Without that I probably would be playing average smartphone games instead of the glorious world beyond that.

2. Pokemon - Kinda has to be here because of the forum we're on. I've spent over 1000 hours on the series combined and many, many, many talking about it on these forums, especially during the days when I battled competitively. I don't know why I enjoy it this franchise so much, but it certainly provided much enjoyment over the years.

3. Zelda - I've only played Zelda games since mid-2011 with Oot3d, and I haven't really done much since I completed Skyward Sword a year later. However, in that short time I managed to play 6 Zelda games (well 3. Zelda 1, Zelda II and Four Swords probably don't count) and I was astounded by their depth and tone. Until then I was raised on FIFA, Gran Turismo and the above games. This setting, this style of storytelling and the symbolism were all completely new experiences to me. It was my first big adventure game, where the player character directly battles through his struggles rather than sending out monsters or reaching a flagpole.

4. Smash Bros. - Completing the Nintendo quadforce of awesome is this series. While I'd struggle at competition level, over 1200 hours I've become a boss at all games in this series. Sometimes, I even surprise myself at how well I can brawl. I've played Brawl so much I don't even have a main anymore. I'm good with almost every character.

5. Ratchet & Clank - I ran out of Nintendo series... No seriously, even though this is on PS3, it gave me another unique experience when compared to Mario and Pokemon. It had beautiful HD, pseudo-realistic graphics and an achievement system as long as the moon, but with those cuddly characters kicking all kinds of alien/robot arse and truly insane weapons it feels distinctly Nintendo regardless.


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Other then maybe Pokemon, my favorite series is easily the Batman Arkham series.

Other series for which I own a number of games (3 or more) include Doom, Armored Core, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Sonic, Quake, Call of Duty & Burnout. There are some other other series, like Bioshock, Gears & Dead Space, that I really like but simply haven't bought 3 games for yet.


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Too many, IMO xD

Here is a goof chunck of them:
~Fire Emblem
~Kid Icarus
~Super Smash Bros
~Older Sonic Games (2004-2006is)
~Little Big Planet
~Samurai Warriors
~Kingdom Hearts
~Dark Cloud
~Animal Crossing
~Drawn to Life
~Digimon World Dawn/Dusk

Ahahahaha, I like too many Videogames xD


Of the top of my head, my top series are:

Mario Series: Although I haven't played any Mario games since Galaxy, Mario games have always been the best and only choice for versus gaming. There's nothing like a bunch of cousins cursing each other and going all out on Mario Kart or standing up from excitement with the mini-games in Mario Party. Single player Mario games are always fun too, Super Mario RPG is my all time favorite.

PKMN: I fell way behind with Pkmn, barely finishing Diamond. Haven't played the later gens. But no other games have more of my playing time than pokemon. Even if its not my favorite rpg, it's probably the most addictive.

Final Fantasy: I recently decided to get back into FF. Oh how I've missed it. My Xbox broke down, so I was never able to get the FFXIII that I wanted so much. About to start FFVI Advance. I'm a big fan of the game stories, and I'm all about completing the game at 100%, with every item obtained, every dungeon passed, even the completing the bestiary. Indeed my favorite rpg.

Halo: As far as favorite game or series go, Halo is it. A little mainstream, sure. But I think I know more than I should about Halo. I'm not talking about knowing how to play, no, I have only average skill. I'm talking about being a big fan of the story behind Halo. Either way, the game is awesome. Multiplayer is ok, but there's nothing better for me than playing campaign on the big screen when you have the house to yourself. Must be a shooting game thing.

Ok so this wasn't off the top of my head, I got carried away.....my bad....


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Hands down the Uncharted series, it's the best game ever created by Sony.

Also, Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Kirby and Sonic series.
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If I had to choose besides Pokemon I would say the Kirby series, Super smash bros series, the Halo series, and the GTA series.


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All ze PKMaNz!
Other than that, Kingdom Hearts and Katamari have also been with me since childhood. Zelda and Final Fantasy have snuck up on me through the years, though I'm rather picky with the latter. That's almost it, I think...


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Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima is a genius and a crazy at the same time. just love the way they approach sensitive themes in the series and how deep & convoluted the world they have created is. The fact that the mechanics and techniques they implement in the games are breathtaking at times helps too....

Not quite a series, but ever since Naughty Dog made Crash Bandicoot for PS1 i have always been a sucker for their games, i usually keep an eye out for their Titles, any series they make i tend to enjoy.