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Favrioute Wi-Fi Mod?

Discussion in 'Chatroom Discussion' started by Jewperman, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Jewperman

    Jewperman Member

    Well, I know alot of you don't have a favrioute, but I do and so may a few others! The reason this is not a poll is because there are too many mods there...

    Anyway, my favrioute is: FossilGuy, whats yours? EDIT: I hate him now....

    NEW Fav Mod: DarkgamerGS
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2007
  2. nubinator

    nubinator Banned

    Uh... nobody. Mods are evil >:D
  3. Jewperman

    Jewperman Member

    But FossilGuy is nice, very nice ;) ACTUALLY, NOW, HE IS TEH EVILNESS
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2007
  4. Blatsman

    Blatsman I wonder if I stay ?

    Great idea! Maybe l will become an OP as well when l lick their ***!
    CAPTAIN CHRIS is my favorite!

    l bet he will make me an OP as soon as he can when he reads this.
  5. Jewperman

    Jewperman Member

    lol..... Why would I choose FossilGuy if I wanted to be a mod? He is not a proper super-op or whatever, I think he is second rank..

    Also, I dislike him now... I like DarkgamerGS, but then he could turn on me soon......
  6. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Forums have mods, chatrooms have Ops.
  7. Blatsman

    Blatsman I wonder if I stay ?

    Mah l was just kidding.
    l have no favorite mod. Sorry Captain Chris. :(
  8. Keitaro-kun

    Keitaro-kun Vegapunk mod~


    [16:47] <Keitaro-kun> ops and hops of WiFi
    [16:47] <Keitaro-kun> Fight for my love
    [16:47] <Monsta> trading 5 shinies for a shiny untouched ho-oh
    [16:47] >>> WiFiGuest8671 has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [16:47] >>> Event-Pkmn has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [16:47] <WiFiGuest8485> arc for trade
    [16:47] <pk> shinny zubat
    [16:47] >>> WiFiGuest7682 has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [16:47] <Porkchop> DEOXYS holding masterball
    [16:48] <Guest64974> looking for shiny garchonmp
    [16:48] <Porkchop> PM me
    [16:48] <WiFiGuest1211> Trading Ev Infernape
    [16:48] >>> WiFiGuest5869 has left IRC
    [16:48] >>> WiFiGuest2877 has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [16:48] >>> WiFiGuest7523 has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [16:48] <Guest64974> looking for shiny garchomp
    [16:48] >>> WiFiGuest3168 has left IRC
    [16:48] * WiFiGuest2877 is now known as NinjaKid
    [16:48] * WiFiGuest7682 is now known as BeastandaHarlot
    [16:48] >>> WiFiGuest1671 has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [16:48] * WiFiGuest5204 is now known as Ralph
    [16:48] * WiFiGuest7436 is now known as zedar
    [16:48] <WiFiGuest8485> shaymon for trade
    [16:48] >>> WiFiGuest9727 has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [16:48] * Asuka sets mode: +b *!*@
    [16:48] * WiFiGuest8485 was kicked by Asuka (SHAYMIN?!?! NO WAI!!!!!1)
    [16:48] >>> WiFiGuest3339 has joined #SPP-WiFi
    [16:48] <MoneyBags> yo?
    [16:48] <Mugiwara> please anybody have a heracross with pursuit?
    [16:48] <WiFiGuest7523> lookin 4 shinies and ev trained
    [16:48] <WiFiGuest3624> Looking for ev trained Metagross, max attack ev'd in defense, adamant nature pm me please :)
    [16:48] <MoneyBags> nobosdys talkin
    [16:48] <Guest64974> no
    [16:48] <WiFiGuest6954> Need a quick IV battle pm me
    [16:48] <MoneyBags> weird
    [16:48] * Serebii sets mode: -b *!*@c-76-108-163-173.hsd1.fl.comcast.net
    [16:48] <MoneyBags> we need some silence for 9/11
    [16:48] <NinjaKid> anyone want a mew
    [16:48] <MoneyBags> plz
    [16:48] * Erik_Destler sets mode: -b *!*@82-38-251-214.cable.ubr02.brad.blueyonder.co.uk
    [16:48] <Keitaro-kun> FINE HOES
    [16:48] * WiFiGuest9727 is now known as pokeplayer9600
    [16:48] <MoneyBags> o well
    [16:48] <MoneyBags> bye
    [16:48] >>> WiFiGuest2115 has left IRC
    [16:48] <MoneyBags> yall
    [16:48] * WiFiGuest0514 is now known as Juan
    [16:48] >>> james1234 has left IRC
    [16:48] <Keitaro-kun> I HATE YOU
    [16:48] <Mugiwara> its the 12th
    [16:48] <WiFiGuest7523> lookin 4 shinies and ev trained
    [16:48] <MoneyBags> somebody say sometthinhg
    [16:48] * WiFiGuest8671 is now known as Aerodactyl
    [16:48] <Guest64974> need shiny garchomp
    [16:48] * Scruf is Trading EV'ed pokes.... JUST looking for ANY Nieve-natured Magnemite
    [16:48] <Keitaro-kun> ALL
  9. Kirby

    Kirby ʘ‿ʘ Staff Member Admin


    First of all, this is a suck up thread, or a mock the suck ups who post in this thread. Second of all, saying you like one and the next second you hate them, that is stupid.

    I am closing this. Normally I'd have changed the title to "Favorite Chatroom Member..." but since a few morons ruined it, like Blatsman for being stupid, and the original poster, I'm closing this.

    Good call, guys.
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