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Fawomp's Breeding CO.

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Fawomp, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Fawomp

    Fawomp Floppaloppagus!

    Hello my name is Fawomp,This is probably a lot like most trade shops on this forum, but the more there are the less stress there will be on each individual who has a trade shop, iv completed my pokedex and are able to breed all GENS for you guys.I will only give you the first Pre-Evolution of the pokemon that you have asked for. For example if you as for a Garchomp you will receive of a Gible.

    My Trade Shop Rules
    1.Follow all SPPF rules
    2.Don't spam please be patient, i have a life other then Pokemon but i do check this forum everyday
    3.Along with posting in this thread please send me a PM so i can better log your Pokemon needs
    4.I do not except hacked Pokemon

    What I Have
    All Pre-Evolution From Gens 1-5
    Mystery Eggs
    I get a few extra eggs here and there

    What I am asking for
    1. Legendary Pokemon Gens 1-5
    First Gen Trio(Moltres,Zapdos,Articuno)
    Second Gen Trio(Raikou,Entei,Suicune)
    Third Gen Trio(Regirock,Registeel,Regice)
    Fourth Gen Trio(Mesprit,Uxie,Azelf)
    Fifth Gen Trio(Cobalion,Terrakion,Virizion)
    All roaming Pokemon
    and all other Legends
    2.Shiny Pokemon
    Shiny Skitty
    Shiny Bulbasaur
    Shiny Eevees
    Shiny Litwick
    Shiny Garchomp
    Shiny Axew
    Shiny Gastly
    Shiny Scraggy
    And lots more those are the ones i want most
    3.Egg Move Pokemon
    Put them up! And will see! =)
    4.Event Pokemon
    and coming soon events
    5.DW Females
    Anything thats not in my Signature
    Lucky Eggs
    Rare Candies
    Life Orb
    Toxic Orb
    Flame Orb
    Stat Boosting items

    Now When trading i will Breed you 3 Pokemon of your choice for the Pokemon Or Item you are giving me! =)
    I will go straight down the list when Breeding, you may also ask for the eggs or i can hatch the eggs for you i breed all my pokemon with shiny dittos and obviously ill probably keep the shiny pokemon and breed you another thank you
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2011
  2. Azap

    Azap Return Veteran

    I am willing to give you a Lucky egg for anything! I hardly use two at a time and I have an extra, so out of free will, I'll give you one Lucky Egg because I feel generous! =)
  3. PokemonMasterDylan

    PokemonMasterDylan Master Trainer

    I have a few rare candies that I don't need. I would love to get a get a Tepig, Oshowatt, both female preferred! :D
  4. asterat

    asterat Banned

    Kyogre forcyndaquil?

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