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Fear Itself


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Wikipedia.org said:
Fear Itself is a horror/suspense anthology television series to begin airing June 5, 2008 on NBC. The shows title comes from Franklin D. Roosevelt's famous quote "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

The show's pilot aired a few hours ago, what do you all think of it?

I personally thought it wasn't that good, and it failed to scare me at all. To me the first episode seemed like another cliche vampire film, with very few redeeming moments, bad writing, and a below-decent cast of actors (the actor who played Virginia was, in my opinion, the worst).

Overall I'd give it about a 4.6/10. I can only hope the next episode is better.
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I did not watch the show, but I watched the preceding show.


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Yeah, the idea was far from orginal and I was excited for the series, in fact I was going to make a topic for this but you beat me to the punch. I hope that i picks up and choosing a vampire 'scare' as the pilot may not have been the best move, especially with the lacking storyline but I have faith that the show will pick up, we'll just have to see next week right.
It was Ok. I wasn't scared. kinda cheesy though.