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Features from other Pokemon games you want to see make a comeback in the LGPE titles.

Discussion in 'Let's Go, Pikachu & Eevee' started by shoz999, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 ... Don't laugh.

    Edit: Rather than just starting an entirely new thread, I'd just thought I'd combine another idea, features from the remakes FireRed and LeafGreen, with the original 3D Battle Simulator thread.

    Pretty simple topic. Just features you'd like to see from other Pokemon games make a return in Let's Go, whether it happens or not.

    So if you know my thoughts on Let's Go, you'd know that I'm excited for these games as adventure titles but at the same time disappointed that it lacks a lot of the refined features of the 3D Battle Simulators. Even to an extant, Pokemon Stadium is more refined in certain areas that the Let's Go titles. So probably the feature I want most is the the advanced animalistic animations of Stadium to Battle Revolution that make Pokemon feel more life-like. Where Pokemon actually burst angrily in flames, sizing up there muscles to display dominance, or prop up and check their cannons. Those are just idle animations but one thing I've notice that the recent 3D Pokemon games since 6th gen lack is how Pokemon actually move away from there spot and literally touch the Pokemon when using a contact move rather than have all the punching and kicking moves be replaced by fist or foot symbols. In the original Pokemon stadium, if you ordered Venusaur to use body slam, he literally leaps away from his spot with his frog-like legs stretching out, tackling the Pokemon. The Let's Go titles don't have that and unlike their 3DS counterparts, they don't have those limitations. I hope this is something they add in the 8th gen titles but I feel like this was a huge missed opportunity for the Let's Go titles. Another thing I would like to see make a return is the Pokemon Announcer, as a literal character, appearing behind some announcer tower post telling what's happening in every official battle competition, including VGC matches, and the other thing is a Gym Leader Castle post-game where you can rebattle the Gym Leaders and the Elite Four. Other than that, what do you guys want that you wish the first 3D console games in a long time would have.

    Also another feature I believe that should ABSOLUTELY make a return is the VS. Seeker from FRLG which allows you to rebattle previous trainers. I believe that this topic of a VS. Seeker making a return would be almost like an integral feature for the Let's Go titles, games that have no wild battles for training/grinding, that it'd probably could be it's own thread.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2018
  2. PirateKing

    PirateKing Well-Known Member

    I really want these to be the "definitive" Kanto Games. What I mean is I want to take elements of every single Gen 1 game and Spinoff and mold it into one package!

    FireRed/LeafGreen: I'm ok with them removing things like held items and changing Wild Battles, but the big thing I want them to keep is the Islands.
    Like the Sevii Islands were originally planned for RBY but cut out for time/memory, They were the best parts of FRLG, The anime had the Orange Islands, The Manga went there, Electric Tales went there, etc. So they were always a part of the first generations DNA, even if we couldnt explore them ourselves until FRLG, so it would be a major hit to loose them. Plus they gave us so many cool locations that we couldnt normally see in Kanto like a Volcano, A Canyon, Ruins, More Forests, More Oceans, More Frozen Caves, etc.
    I dont think we'll get the Sevii Islands as we know them, since Moltres is seemingly on Victory Road, and a few of those areas really designed around Johto Mons, like the ruins with Unown. They'll either be redesigned, or we'll get entirely new ones, which I'm ok with as long as they're comparable in size and location diversity!

    Stadium: Second thing is some kind of Gym Leader Castle esque place. The main theme of Gen 1's story really is "Be the very best, like no one ever was" so I really want a place where can duke it out with the toughest characters like Gym Leaders, Elite 4, and the original protaganists if they're in too. It could be like Mt. Battle and the Battle Tree where we fight a set number of trainers and then move on to a Boss. Since Mega Evolution is back, I hope every Mega gets used by atleast one trainer so every single one has a chance to shine. The mini games in the arcade would be cool too.

    Smash: Visually the above could be like the Anime League Arenas, or Smash's Pokemon Stadium. Its weird that such an iconic image from Pokemon doesnt actually have any places in the games themselves to represent them.

    Snap: Photo Modes like Gen 7 would be cool, especially since Pokemon can be found anywhere in the overworld now. Also, Give my boi Todd Snap a cameo.

    Hey You Pikachu!: This is kinda already represented with the Pokemon Amie like stuff

    Puzzle Leauge: I never actually played this one, but I love how it used music from the Anime. Imagine how cool it would be to get an orchestrated version of the opening theme in the final battle, toggle between English and Japanese themes. They could also throw in the Puzzle Game itself in Celedon Citys Arcade.

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