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Features you want/Don't want returning


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Things I want:
-New Alola Forms outside generation 1
- Vs. Seeker
-Post Story Gym Scenario
-Something similar to Friend Safari
-Mega pokemon only for pokemon that really need it, plus have access to mega pokemon in early game, not just post game
-make all pokemon access S.O.S. method, meaning give access to passimian or oranguru
-Battle Frontier/PWT equivalent
-More Clothing options
- this is a long shot, but not only bring back blue and red, but the other protagonists and maybe rivals from past games
-more challengers for the champion battle
-new pokeride pokemon

Things I don't want:
-shiny locked pokemon or at least remove shiny lock from Tapu's and UB
-Festival Plaza

I didn't have many things I didn't like about S/M i thought they were great games

Mrs. Oreo

8. Fishing Anywhere

I'd like this to become a change in US/UM as well cuz I didn't like having to fish in specific spots in Sun and Moon. And as much as the whole S.O.S. system interested me when I first played Sun and Moon, I'm sick of it now and I hope it'll be discontinued in these new games too.


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I'd like this to become a change in US/UM as well cuz I didn't like having to fish in specific spots in Sun and Moon. And as much as the whole S.O.S. system interested me when I first played Sun and Moon, I'm sick of it now and I hope it'll be discontinued in these new games too.

Hordes is to Gen 6, while SOS Battles is to Gen 7.
Pretty sure it will stay in USUM.


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You pretty much nailed my list too except for the Battle Tree not returning. I don't mind it returning as long as they change it so that regular battles are easier for early BP farming (like the Maison was) and they bring back Triples and Rotation battles.

Well in place of Battle Tree, I put Battle Frontier or PWT, which are way superior and far more fun since there's more variety of trainers we know and facilities. And yes, regardless what's in the game, I hope the initial regular battles are easier since it was absurdly hard to even get to 20 wins in the singles.


- Vs. seeker
- DexNav
- National Dex
- Horde and Triple Battles
- Regular fishing
- Soaring
- Move tutors
- New Alola forms
- Seasons
- Friend Safari
- Diving

Don't want
- Fishing spots
- SOS-exclusive Pokemon
- Mandatory tutorials


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8 gym leaders and elite four
Champion preceding the player
Gym badges
More ride Pokemon
More alolan forms
More mega evolutions
More z-moves
Fish wherever you want
More Kahunas
More island trials
More trial captains

Don't want:

Having to fish in a specific section
Champion defence title


I hope for:
- Facilities like Battle Chateau, Restaurant, or rematching regular trainer
- Join Avenue (better than festival plaza imo)
- New Alola Forms
- Returning legendaries, with suitable specific places
- Mini event to get Mythical
- Expanded area, especially more abandoned or uncharted places
- PWT please in any shape
- Dive
- All in-game stories/legends/mysteries are solved

I don't want:
- Lag (almost impossible though)
- Regular route music on Hau'oli Cemetery and Memorial Hill
- Original battle music for returning character/legendary
- Kanto worship

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I was looking through these pages and realized I had not made a proper post about what I want and don't want for USUM. But now I do.

Features that I do want in USUM

1. Improved customization options: (Actually, customization in Gen 6 was a decent start and SM have been even stronger. Not full potential yet though. Males need better options altogether. And my cute little Ayla is still hoping one day that she’ll be able to wear jewelry. Also give us back a ponytail option and maybe a couple of more elegant hairstyles.)

2. Festival Plaza: (Best feature next to customization :D But it does need to be rid of the glitches that never got fixed in SM.)

3. Pokeball seals.

4. Make BP slightly easier to earn, just slightly.

5. Poke-pelago

6. In Festival Plaza, being able to write your own messages like you could in Gen 6 instead of having to select from a list.

7. A fun and interactive way to show off your trainer to the world, like some PR video-esque feature.

8. Version-exclusive customization like what we have now: (Yes, I know you’re looking at this one in shock and I do sympathize with those who don’t enjoy this, but I enjoyed the challenge because it concerns customization and was a long, engaging effort to get all the items.)

9. Option to turn off music. Never had that option before, but we should since like every other game in existence has it, lol.

10. Your trainer not staring at a giant blue fish that looks like it’s about to eat you and still have a dead-eyes smiling facial expression, if you guys know where I’m getting at. :p

11. Kind of random, but more Pokemon available early on that can learn False Swipe or Hold back.

12. Experience gained from defeating trainers’ Pokemon being worth more than that same Pokemon in the wild.

Features that I don’t want in USUM

1. SOS battles: (Most annoying feature to exist in a Pokemon game thus far imo. And DO NOT respond to this telling me about “Oh, but you can just paralyze it and it won’t call for help”. I’m perfectly effing allowed to say I don’t like SOS battles. >:O)

2. Gyms returning: (I have nothing against gyms; I just like that they changed things up.

3. Kanto fanservice

4. Customization not returning (This deserves a separate entry on my list because finding out that customization was being removed would borderline kill my hype for the games.)


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my honest one true feature i want to return is the battle frontier. with the amount of pokémon there is now it would be so much more replayable than a one-note battle tree or battle chateau. I miss how each facility had a different gimmick. some were luck based and others just required some strategy. and then there's like the rental battles like the battle factory from emerald. give us some of that please

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I'm super happy with the way Sun and Moon turned out. I love the art style and high poly models of both the Pokemon and now the Trainers (My character looks really cute.) One feature I WISH they'd add goes ALL the way back to Pokemon Stadium. I wish your Pokemon could change color slightly based on what you name it, or even based on its Nature/IV's. I mean obviously it'd be a long shot mid-generation, but it's something I've always missed. It's so noticeable when you and the trainer your fighting have the same Pokemon out and they both move in sync. I feel like it'd be easy to program and just add a little more personal flavor to the games.

Otherwise, being more realistic, there were way too many trainers with 1 or 2 of the same Pokemon. Tougher trainers and more variety would do wonders to adding to the game, making it less of a grind to battle.

There are so many empty spots in towns and things "under construction" it deffinatly makes me excited for the sequels.

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I'd really like to see the Pokéwalker return in the form of a phone app with more options for interaction, like everything the original Pokéwalker had to offer mixed with Pokémon Amie or Refresh. If it also had the ability to level up your Pokémon and/or EV train your Pokémon, that would also be great. Since the Switch uses a phone app for voice chat and things, I could see this being more likely with the Switch game than USUM.

On the topic of apps, I'd like to see a mobile version of Pokémon Bank just for the ability to view and organize your banked Pokémon and manage your account if necessary. I'm curious to know if we will eventually be able to access Bank on both a 3DS and a Switch at the same time.

I'd like to see the Ride Pager expanded to include more of the field moves we lost between gen 6 and gen 7, most notably Sweet Scent. I love that HMs are gone, but I didn't want to lose all the field moves in one fell swoop.

I'd like less cut scenes and long dialogue without breaks. Dialogue is important to the story, but some of Sun and Moon's dialogue was grueling long when you're just hoping for a chance to save your game.

I'd like less hand holding. The very linear path in Alola, the number of random people offering to heal your pokemon, the low numbers of pokemon trainers carry, and the Rotom Dex constantly telling you where to go next make the game too simple. I feel like there is little challenge in Sun and Moon compared to my recent play through of Red. While the levels implied an order, you could challenge a lot of the original gyms in whatever order you want and most of the trainers had at least 3 pokemon.

I know Masuda's comments in a youtuber video interview basically say shiny legendary locks will never go away, I want shiny locks to go away.

The Festival Plaza needs a lot of fixing up. Instead of receiving random shops at random levels every time you level up your plaza, you should be able to choose any level 1 shop or a (random?) useful item. Shops should be able to level up through use instead of just arriving and staying at a specific level. There should be more slots for shops and more types of shops to choose from. There should be more entrances to the castle, like every quarter of the circle, so that you don't have to spin around the whole thing to get inside from a shop on the opposite end of the entrance.
As for the wifi battling and trading, I'd like to see that more user friendly. Make it easier to find your friends and connect with them.

Finally, I'd like to see more features in the Pelago. It's already very useful, but I'd like it expanded on a bit.


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Things I want:
A Battle Frontier. Tons of people have said it already, but this was the most fun I ever had in a post-game environment. We need it back.

Normal. Fishing.

Keep the trials, buff the difficulty slightly. Two decades of gyms got really stale.

Pokeride, but slimmed down. Does anyone REALLY care about Stoutland, Mudsdale, Machamp, and TWO Pokémon that surf?

Something akin to the sports domes in 5th gen to make training easier.

Mega Stones that aren't locked behind online distributions.

Super Training

Easier ways to reset EVs! X&Y did it right.

Don't want:

Unskippable cutscenes

Shiny locks

Festival Plaza

Trainers that only have one or two Pokémon

Rotom Dex


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Things I want:

Super Training

technically Poke Pelago lets you kind of super train on Isle Evelup. And its a passive thing, and It can be done for up to 18 mons at a time. For up to I think like 49:50 hours worth or something like that?

Although super training was tedious, it was a fun minigame too... You might be on to something here.

I'd like to see soaring return. Pokeride was neat and all, but Charizard seems kinda just thrown in. Like every other poke ride is in the alola dex, except charizard... it seems kinda like they picked him solely b/c he is popular with fans... I'd like to see the glide one return in the sequels, but with a different pokemon, one actually in the alola dex, like say necrozma :p im kidding, maybe do like alolan fearow and have it be the glide mascot pokemon? But either way, make glide akin to soaring rather than just fly. If I have to watch a cutscene to use fly every time, might as well make it worth my while.

Also, I concur on the normal fishing coming back, fishing spots are a giant pain.

I know several posters have said this one too, pokemon that follow you. I'd love to see that in 3D. For example Running down a hillside on Rt 1 with Alolan Raichu surfing behind you. That'd be great.


The UB quest was neat and all, but it lasted like 2 hours at most, and it didn't really give the satisfaction I wanted. And Battle Tree is so over done. Like oh, it's battle tower/maison, just in a tree...unenthusiastic yay...

Maybe have Red and Blue(Green?) come in again, and they show you to like the Poni Resort, or something? Story tie in would be that they built it onto poni island in an attempt to rekindle people's interest in the island or something. Idk. More than Just Battle Tree tho. So underwhelming for the entirety of the postgame.
Features that should return in my opinion:

The Underground - This was a very fun feature to play with! I've enjoyed searching for treasure, finding my brothers' secret bases, and setting up my own. It should come back in the next generation.

Having your Pokemon walk with you - Despite not playing SoulSilver and HeartGold, this was a feature I was familiar with when I played the fourth generation games a few times. It'd be nice to have a stroll with your Pokemon again, which I think is a possibility for the future.

A feature similar to Trainer's Eye - I enjoy being able having a countless number of battles to ramp up my Pokemon's levels.

Features that should be left behind:

Super Training - I think it's okay compared to Isle Evelup. It felt to me like it took a tad too long just to train one Pokemon, compared to the 18 Pokemon you train at once for Sun and Moon.

PokeNav Plus - I'm a bit iffy on this one. This feature helped with checking on berries and catching Pokemon. The BuzzNav did get a bit repetitive.
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I want:
-More UB, at least 2 (A fire/steel, water/psychic)
-Johto Alola Form
-8 Gym battles as main Story (Electric and Fighting on Melemele, Psychic and Rock on Akala, Grass and Dark on Ula Ula, and Water, Ground on Poni)
-8 Trials after Elite Four: Normal , Fire , Ghost, Fairy, Steel, Bug, Ice, Dragon
-A new Battle Frontier
-National Pokedex


I want:
-Following pokemon
-More Alola forms
-Keeping trials, more interesting
-National Dex
-Vs Seeker

Don't want:
-Charizard as a ride pokemon
-Battle videos not working
-Event Megastones



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I want a new area like the Nature Preserve in BW2, but this one will also function as a way to get normal Marowak, Exeggutor and Raichu.

Edit: To clarify, this would be a "faraway" type of area. A place not in the Alola region itself.
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I'm with most of you fellow Poké fans, there needs to be a decent post game. The Ultra Beast ending was just not particularly satisfying and it would be nice to have more areas to explore.
A difficulty setting would be fun - they could limit the handholding to the lower difficulties. Tougher opponents with fuller teams would be welcome.
A more rewarding Pokéfinder would be great. It'll never be Pokémon Snap but still offered something to see 'Mon in their natural habitats.

Definitely agree with the idea I read earlier on here about levelling up shops etc in Festival Plaza. I'd like Festival Plaza in general to be more interactive. I'd like to see players moving their characters as opposed to avatars although I think that's because I have been spoiled with other online multiplayer games.

As for Global Missions, other than a great way to get FC, for most players they forced repetition for things they'd already done (hatching eggs etc) months ago. I'd like them to re-visit the concept as it was nice to do something collaboratively with other players.


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A DexNav or equivalent. I also miss the entire setup from Gen VI, including Super Training. PokePelago is great passively for training, but ST was quick and straight forward.

1. DexNav
2. Return of Gen VI's hub
3. GREAT niche move tutor moves. And by great, I mean things like Double-Edge, Seismic-Toss, Softboiled, Sucker Punch and Zap Cannon making their return.
4. Diving
5. New Alolan Formes

Alola is beautiful, and a lot of that beauty is locked away beneath the surface. There was an obvious emphasis on Water types here, we should get to visit them under the sea. That was favorite part about Gen III and ORAS. I also really liked the Alolan forme concept, and if we're getting new archipelago spots, maybe more Gen I formes?

Here's my hopeful list of Move Tutor moves they'll add

- Lunge. Bug-moves have one thing in common; killer dynamics with a good but flawed offensive typing. A 80 base power attack that lowers attack but has hit or miss coverage fits that mold very well. It's also on very few things for what it represents.
- Hone Claws. If it's not going to be a TM, make it a MT move. I miss this killer stat move.
- Zing-Zap. Did any of you know this even existed? A Pikaclone gets it, and at the very least it needs to go over to Jolteon or the Electrike line.
- Parabolic Charge. While on the subject of Electric-type moves, Parabolic Charge is really nifty but unfortunately not very accessible. Imagine Rotom-W or Magnezone with this move... OwO'!
- Heal Block. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE potential, poor distribution. If Skill Swap and Magic Coat are effective in play, you can bet this move would kill. Literally.
- Dragon Hammer. Yes. Please.
- Hammer Arm. At this point, it needs to be a TM. This is like Mega Punch from Gen I, except it is way more effective and coveted. I'd rather have Hammer Arm than Superpower, honestly.
- Shadow Punch. I never understood why this wasn't a TM! Do you know how much more influential Fighting-types would be that had access to this? Hitmons and Conkeldorr immediately come to mind...
- Phantom Force. I still love this move. Not great for comp, but would be great for ingame.
- Play Rough. And rename it Frolic while we're at it. Only physical Fairy-type move, and more things should get it.
- Autotomize. A decent Agility-type move with the smarts to outwit Low Kick and Grass Knot Mechanics.
- Any number of Fire-type moves that aren't already Move Tutor moves. I cannot decide because Fire-moves are ruthless, but Lava Plume, Burn Up and Fire Lash are pretty remarkeable.
- Purify. Weirdest new move since... I don't know what other move is weirder. Extrasensory maybe? But Z-Purify heals you by 50% and gives you +1 across the board if it succeeds at the cost of an opponent's status. Scary.
- Coil. Too many things should get this by now. Just make it a move tutor and let us handle it at this point.


- Since the Terrains are now a thing, maybe it's time for terrains to become Move Tutored much like how the Rooms and weather have been teachable.
- Aqua Jet: If terrains are going to be a thing (*cough Psychic Terrain), teachable priority should also be. Aqua Jet has some of the largest distribution anyways, let's rip the band aid off.
- Icicle Crash: Pipe dream, but the world needs an Icicle Crashing Kyurem.
- Laser Focus: Laser Focus. Laser Focus. Laser Focus. I've been waiting for this move an eternity, it's given to like five things! Where's Laser Focusing Drapion at?! How about sharks with freaking Laser Beams on Sharpedo!!!!
- Reflect Type: another great move that would be for niche Mons. I'd like to see this on things like Mimikyu and Carbink.
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What I would like to see in US/UM:

- A longer postgame.
The postgame in S/M was very dissapointing and way too short! I was hoping for another Delta Episode or something like that. I got so psyched when I got to the point where Lilly sets of for Kanto, I was sure we were going with her... Kind of a cold shower..

- All available colors for my clothes.
Who thougt it was a good idea to split only allow us to wear certain colors?? That was absolute BS in my book..

- A similar story like S/M in terms of depth and maturity.

- The return of Unova's World Championship!
I loved that feature, it was the sole reason I bought those god awful 5th gen games..

- Costum rides.
The ability to change Tauros with Rapidash for instance! Why not allow us to let us choose which Pokemon we're riding? They decide which Pokémon can do what, and we pick our favourite from that list!

What I wouldn't like to see (again)

- Festival Plaza.
The PSS was awesome and worked like a treat! Why would they make it more difficult to trade with people! I genuinely don't understand that!!

- The Battle Tree.
It felt really boring. I would like a Battle Frontier. It just seemed so similar. Why not change a the battlegrounds a little.. Like ,for instance, fight your first battle on a rocky terrain and the third in a grassy arena etc..

- Trials.
I thought the idea was okay, but not worked out very well.. It was just a nuisance. No real challenge, but just a little chore.. Gyms weren't that bad imo