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Febass: Rarer then Shinys!?

Has this Happened to You?

  • Yes, I found a Shiny before my Febass.

    Votes: 149 44.3%
  • No, I found my febass before a Shiny.

    Votes: 187 55.7%

  • Total voters
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The Person From UK
I found feebas and a Shiny Magikarp at the same time. Also found a Shiny Golbat a short while later =D

Evil Darkrai

Well-Known Member
I found a feebas before a shiny too.


New Member
This is probably down to luck, but I found like 6 Feebas within 10 minutes of searching for them XD

Too bad that I have been playing PKMN games since I was like 7 or 8, and the only shiny I have ever come across is the red Gyarados at Lake of Rage on PKMN Gold.... ROFLCOPTER!!


jirachi killer
Well I wanted a Milotic so bad so I over fished that area.I got one and ......... It was SHINY i know it eventually became a Shiny Milotic <<<<<<<< So cool. it is the only shiny I wont trade.


Active Member
The Poochyena I fought in the beginning of Sapphire (when you have to save Prof Birch) was shiny.

Haven't found a Febass yet.
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I never fished in the Feebass area, and just ran into a Shiny Golbat in the Victory Road, but I guess if I tried really hard to get a Feebass, I'd get it before my Golbat.


Well-Known Member
I've never found a shiny. Shiny pokemon can appear anywhere while Feebas are only on one route, so it makes sense that more people have found Feebas before a shiny.


I like brawl to
I'm shocked at how many people found a Shiny first. But I personally don't count the Gyarados in G/S/C, maybe others do.. and I realize that a lot of people probably just never looked for it cause they didn't care to have one or about completing the Pokedex.. while shinies will appear regardless of whether or not you specifically search for them.


extra toasty
Well...yes and no. The Feebas that I got was from my friend, and that was before my first Shiny. So I guess I did. But I'm pretty sure that the main topic/question is asking about if you captured a Feebas before obtaining a Shiny, which I did not.


World Pokemon Champ
I found a shiny bagon before my feebas but that shiny is still rarer than feebas


I found a Shiny Numel like in the first year I had Sapphire.
I went on a Feebas hunt for like an hour on Ruby and I caught a Shiny Magicarp but someone stole my game. >.<


New Member
Took me about an hour to get me a feebas. I came across my first shiny Pokemon (Finneon) a few months ago. After a whole 5 years of playing the franchise.


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Honestly, I think this thread has served its purpose. Maybe if it was a bit better worded it could stand but... as it is right now, it's pretty spammy.
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