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February 17th: MPM06 - And We're Looking at the Same Moon!

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Sonic Boom

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This setup reminds me of an Electric Tale Of Pikachu chapter where Ash accidentally leaves Pikachu behind at a bus stop, and Pikachu works his way to finding Ash again.

Though in that case, Pikachu met the three Kanto starters then, including a good Damian, so that exact setup is not happening, lol. Maybe he’ll meet Latias again and she guides him back to Ash?


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Maybe Pikachu gets amnesia again and becomes the 4th Rocketeer

This time TR should send Wobbuffet over to join the twerps as a trade

Red and Blue

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Interesting. Depending on the region maybe this is where Pikachu and mama Kangaskhan reunite.


I cannot see the future yet... The world is…
Will they reunite? Of course they will lol Journeys with the fake suspense as always.


"I know what you did last Tuesday."
*reads summary, sighs, and inhales*

Oh, would you two just kiss and make up already?!

Anyhow, bleh episode premise, really. Really, really bleh. They really needed another Ash X Pikachu episode (though certainly better than the "hey guys what if Pikachu actually was jealous of Ash's Riolu but then we sideline Riolu?!" episode).


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Yaaaaaaaay Team Rocket again…..


Can we please get the older, old forum back?


Call me Robert guys
Ugh not a Pikachu episode, booooooo -_-...

There better be reserves here otherwise skipped lol.
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