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February 18th: PM2019 098 - The Pokémon Circus! Booster and Thunders

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Satoshi, Go and Koharu visit a Pokémon Circus where they meet the two performers Karen and Billy. Karen loves Fire type Pokémon and Billy loves Electric type Pokémon, and they both intend to evolve their Eievui into a Booster and a Thunders respectively before the upcoming performance. However, they accidentally evolve the two Eievui into the opposite evolved form. There's not much time left before the curtain goes up; Can the performance still play out successfully?

Screenplay 柿原優子 (Yuko Kakihara)
Storyboard 齋藤徳明 (Noriaki Saito)
Episode Director 上野史博 (Fumihiro Ueno)
Animation Director 篠原隆 (Takashi Shinohara)
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What moves will Eevee copy from Jolteon and Flareon
Not many Eeveeloutions left for Chloe to meet.

So this episode is not Showcase but a Circus episode. Way to give the Serena fans a finger writers/promo makers.
Better for us because it gives more waiting time till we see her ruined.
Anyways, a circus. Wonder what episode 100 will be about?
If it’s Sylveon I’ll laugh because two Eeveelution episodes in three is insanely rushed though this is JN. Episode 100 gonna feature Serena and Sylveon.


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Poor Leafeon barely got screentime yet every other Eeveelution had the entire episode revolved around it :/

Sylveon's last so maybe that'd be Serena. None of the Kalos squad have appeared yet and it's practically her secondary main.


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Yes another episode involving Chloe!


NEXT TIME: A new year!
Jolteon and Flareon in anime, it's not something we see often huh
As a Jolteon fan my time has finally come though
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