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February 19th: PM2019 056 - Elite Four Ganpi! The House of Chivalry!!

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Can we have ONE episode where it feels like Ash is the protagonist. Please. Pretty please.
Well, I'm sorry to tell you, but this was billed as a Double Protag show. So Ash was never "the" (as in only) protag.


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Well, I'm sorry to tell you, but this was billed as a Double Protag show. So Ash was never "the" (as in only) protag.
Being co protagonist means he is also a protagonist. So by my statement i meant i wanted to see an episode where ash is primarily the focus. There are many epsiodes that feature primarily on goh while ash barely does anything ( the suicune episode for example) so i was stating that it would be great to see an episode which heavily features Ash. If its possible with Goh its ppssible with Ash as well. Because they are co protagonistd arent they

AsH KetcHHup

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They will focus on Goh and scyther instead of Ash and Farfetch'd

Remenber about alola episode where ash should be the main focus but it was about Goh instead
Now it will happen again
We all knew Ash wasn't going to be the main focus that time.


Jeez why is everyone do depri about Satoshi all the sudden?
Cuz as there r whole mass of goh fans there r many ash fans.
Just like Many want goh to catch legends there r ppl who like to see ash battle and catch mons. But we dont get the ash part
Goh caught a suicune within 52 ep and still marked deserved thats a big achievement then he got another ep right after that which shows he can train mons and then again when theres a battle ep goh is still there and ash as always just standing there .


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
First i thought this is ash episode
Then they show goh's scyther vs escavalier
I am dissapointed
This will be another shitty written episode

Are you Nguyen Tran on Youtube? Since this is the exact same comment.. aside from the 'opinion' at the end.

It looks like a fun battling episode to be honest.
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