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February 19th: PM2019 056 - Elite Four Ganpi! The House of Chivalry!!

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just because we saw go battling does not mean he will be the main focus. is it really so bad to actually make good use of the dual protagonist role they've been going for? he brought his scyther along since it's been a really long time since he brought it with him
this episode does look really promising for kamon
You can't just jump to conclusions about the episode and whine that go is the main focus when NO, it's Kamon who is supposed to be in the spotlight. I love that they actually bothered to give him some development instead of leaving him alone again for 20 episodes.
in order for kamon to be willing to work with ash's other pokemon it has to connect with ash first since otherwise it may refuse to listen to a plan ash came up with on the spot
Well if kamon evolves we won't see him for next 20 episodes anyways


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i'm hoping with the slew of character driven episodes
...journeys gets the thinking cap back on. we might not, we might see kamon. I doubt he's evolving here. we'll see though
• Strike becomes Hassam by holding a Metal Coat in-game and is clad in armor while fighting another Steel/Bug <3
• Boys both look really good in their knights armor—-Strike especially. Feels like nice setup for it to have its own natural armor.
• Feels somewhat cathartic today was about unicorns while next episode is about knights/swordsmanship.

Definitely made me think of Zamazenta/Zacian—the preview. What an exciting next episode, really looking forward to some action from Gou’s Strike as well as the impending evolution meanwhile Kamonegi potentially picking up on its developmental arc. Haven’t seen a Chevargo in ages either—fitting opponent for Gou’s Mantis.
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This episode looks boring to me. As usual, there's no conflict. Just Ash and the brat training. Ok..


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I hope it's not just training
I think it's also important to see how wikstrom interacts with farfetch'd in particular. Assuming that kamon doesn't only want to just become stronger, I wonder if...it wants to become stronger so it proves itself worthy of being a knight?
we already got a nice introspection into kamon's character and break down of it's archetype since it's battle hungry personality makes it blind to some aspects of life. why does it want to be stronger, other than for the sake of becoming stronger?


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Looks like they are pushing comedy into everything now just like SM. There's probably going to be no XY references anyways. I was excited for this episode but now
I expect nothing and still get let down


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So do we actually have any indication Farfetch'd is going to evolve here beyond Sirfetch'd in merch?
Only by one Pokemon, and Klefki can still show up.
By the way, I like how Wikstrom has a story with Klefki in that he has to deal with/dealt with Klefki stealing the keys to his home and forcing him to fight Klefki to get them back.
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