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February 25th: PM2019 099 - Marie from Spiketown!

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So no new episode on the 18th.
Excited to see Marnie and interact with Ash. Should be fun. There are quite a bit of SWSH characters that I would love to see, lets hope they find a way to introduce them all.


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She's in grave danger of being Hau'd.

Yay, Marnie, do something with her character.

You both are acting as if the game did anything decent with her character throughout lol. She had like 2-3 generic appearances before her whole brother plot and being the gym leader plot was dumped and then voila she became gym leader. If anything the anime having her only for 2 episodes where she loses to Ash after advancing in the PWC but her brother still sees potential in her as a gym leader would be Akin to how the games treated her lol
Is it safe to assume serena triggered more souls than adolf hitler ever killed?
The hell is wrong with you?
Where/when was this stated?
In the Bea episode
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The hell is wrong with you?


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Is this really episode 99 or we are gonna pull an Spanish inquisition and there is gonna be a break?

Cause I'm tired of those.

Since Team Rocket seems to going to be MIA for a while, and I have no interest in the Yell brothers, wake me up in March if something happens cause we're going to have the 25th Aniversary on Aprils Fools and I want to see what stupid idea are they going to do...


I watched Pokemon anime for 20 freaking years
Are all ultra class battles 3 on 3? If so, this is definitely a two-parter.

Anyway, I love two parters just as much as one parters, so I do not mind!


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It appears Team Yell Grunts will also be here. Potentially they are watching the battle, like how team Skull was cheering Guzma on in the Alola League.
God I love the fact that they decided to give a bunch of them their own designs like with Team Skull. The one with the Afro is killing me.
Anyways despite all the journeys shortcomings it has done one good thing, it has given ash multiple female rivals, what everybody wanted.
It’s awesome isn’t? Not one, not two, but 3 female rivals in the PWC with two of them being in the Top 100 trainers in the world.


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Sounds like a 2 parter, with part 2 being the battle. Or at least I hope so. Especially since Galar needs more love again.

Also...anyone else hope Ash loses here? The PWC is moving a bit fast he need some losses. And Marnie sure as heck needs a win after being kept away so long...
Seriously, the Show used Cara Liss of all people before her (and a bunch of of Galar characters). And that's just wrong...
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